Dear All Souls,

We will be meeting in person for Sunday Service; however, in order to to that safely and covenantally your Board has created a few guidelines for us as we come together in community. Just a reminder about those guidelines and options:

We will have two seating areas this and following Sundays. One area will still require us to wear masks and practice distancing. This allows our children and others who cannot be vaccinated to attend in person more safely. The second area available on Sunday will be “mask-optional” and distanced from the first area. And, of course, we will still broadcast the service on Zoom for those of us not yet ready to be in groups of 30 to 50 people for an hour.
These precautions are still in place for those seated in the area that requires masking:
  • Members of the same household may be close together but should maintain at least 6 feet of distance from individuals from other households.
  •  Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn by each individual over the age of 5.
  • No physical contact between individuals from different households - no hand shaking, no hugging, no hand holding, etc.
These precautions are still in place for everyone attending in-person:
  • When passing through the masked area everyone must wear a mask.
  • Anyone entering the building to use restrooms or to avoid crossing the lawn must be masked. No more than two people may occupy a restroom at a given time. Please do not linger in the building. (if you need a mask we can give you one)
  •  If you feel ill, please stay home and enjoy the service on zoom.
And if you are coming to our outdoor worship, remember:

1.     All ages are welcome!
2.     Dress is casual and cool for Summer
3.     Bring your lawn chairs, water, face masks, and blankets (we will have some chairs on-hand if needed)
4.     Park and follow the signs to the tents behind the church (if you can’t cross the lawn then come through the front door and through the atrium -- please don't linger in the building, though)
5.     Check the church website at 10:00 am for cancellation of in-person worship in case of heavy rain
6.     Come and see old friends and meet new friends!
Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!
Rev. Joel