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Phishing attacks continue to increase with new and creative methods surfacing every day. ThrottleNet understands these threats and continues to enhance the security we include standard for all of our Managed Services clients. One such solution allows us to monitor an installed file in your My Documents folder. If that file begins to encrypt due to a ransomware attack, the solution will isolate the workstation thus protecting the integrity of your network while still providing us remote access for diagnosis and resolution. Call me today if you’d like to learn more about our ThrottleNet’s Managed solutions and how we can protect your business too!

Chris Montgomery, Director of Sales at ThrottleNet, Inc.
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ThrottleNet has a couple of new radio spots running in the St. Louis area. These aren't your typical ads - they actually reveal some pretty big announcements. Catch the clips you might have missed and get more info about our new 30 day free guarantee and how we've saved St. Louis area businesses more than $2.6 million in ransomware losses in 2019.
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Learn how ThrottleNet has saved companies over $2.6M in ransomware.
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