-Experience powerful messages, electives, worship and devotions
-Compete in the Sixth Annual TUSC Mudder (a two mile race with obstacles)
-Challenge each other in our many tournaments and outdoor activities

SPEAKER - Roger Viksnes
WORSHIP - Jason Spencer and Vinnie Sottile

Never is Tuscarora more beautiful than in the fall! Come enjoy the beauty of God's creation in Mount Bethel, PA. Relax in our comfortable accommodations, indulge in delicious food, and take part in worship and teaching for our popular mid-week retreat!

SPEAKER - David Hodge

Enjoy fun and informative workshops, catch up with friends, experience God's creation and be encouraged as you relax and unwind!

SPEAKER - Ruth Vallevik
WORSHIP - Rachel Roy

This event is co-sponsored with the Eastern Region Church of the Lutheran Brethren Women's Ministries and Tuscarora.

It often seems the tasks that need to be done outnumber the hands, and funds, we have available. But God is faithful! The Bible reminds us in 1 Peter that we serve, "with the strength that God provides." We have seen an increased amount of new volunteers and donors who are helping to do this marvelous work.
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With so many choices and opportunities laid out before you, it can be difficult to discern whether you're following the Lord's direction. However, in hindsight, we often see how seemingly small moments were God's leading all alone. Emily Learn experienced that in her time at Tuscarora.
Ever so slowly, our culture seems to have moved away from slow days, quiet evenings, and special family time - even in the summer months. It's so removed from our everyday lives that the popularity of planned trips and vacations is greater than ever.  

Each day we are thankful for our supporters who make the ministries of Tuscarora possible. Have you ever considered becoming a supporter of Tuscarora? There are so many ways to make a meaningful impact and EVERY gift is a blessing. Visit our website today to learn about all the ways to give, and see what's right for you!

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