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In thinking about history-making women this month, I think about New Day Films co-founder, Julia Reichert. It was an emotional moment to see Julia's photo as part of the Oscar ceremony "In Memoriam" montage of creatives we lost in 2022. I have never spoken to Julia, yet she has made an impact on my life, as she has on the lives of so many filmmakers. While all of her films are known to be exceptional, her early films Growing up Female, Union Maids and Seeing Red are my favorites. 

I am very grateful that New Day was founded to lift up women’s voices when they were largely ignored. I’m also inspired by Julia’s fellow co-founders’ films Anything You Want to Be by Liane Brandon, which challenges gender norms for young women, and Woo Who? May Wilson by Amalie R. Rothschild, which shows a grandmother beginning a new life as an underground artist. 

In the spirit of our founders, I encourage you to watch these bold and diverse stories about women made by women. You can also read more about my reflections on Julia Reichert on our website

Anike Tourse, director America; I Too

7 More Films That Lift Up Women’s Voices
We invite you to explore these stories and more in our “women’s studies” collection. Available for educational licensing through or watch on Kanopy.
By Willow O’Feral, 2019, 59 min.
Break The Silence features raw, powerful interviews with 18 diverse cisgender and transgender women about their sexual & reproductive health histories.
by Judy Lieff, 2013, 70 min.
Deaf Jam is the story of deaf teen Aneta's bold journey into the spoken word slam scene. 
By Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold, 2004, 52 min.
This film profiles three women from very different walks of life who find themselves united to seek justice after their sons are unjustly killed by police.
By Chithra Jeyaram, 2019, 69 min.
This documentary captures the journey of an inspiring Mexican American dancer as she communicates the impermanence of life through dance amidst intensive treatments for breast cancer.
By Charlotte Lagarde, 2010, 54 min.
A breathtaking portrait of surf legend Rell "Kapolioka'ehukai" Sunn, founding member of the Women's Professional Surfing Association and beloved breast cancer activist.
By Deirdre L. Fishel, 2004, 54 min.
Flying in the face of this culture's extreme ageism, Still Doing It explores the lives of older women ages 67-87. 
By Pam Walton, 2018, 28 min.
Older women in the art world are virtually ignored. Triptych showcases 3 women who are vital and productive well into their seventies.
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