Published Monday, May 22, 2023


This Wednesday at NOON

Oklahoma History Center


Former Commander


Former Space Force Commander, Matthew Lohmeier is author of Irresistible Revolution, a book detailing the Marxist influences which have commandeered the U.S. military at the highest levels.

Lt Col Matt Lohmeier understands at the deepest level that America is under siege. When his book exposing Marxist infiltration into the highest levels of the U.S. military was published, he sacrificed his extraordinarily promising military career.

For the sake of preserving this God-blessed nation and its military from the poisonous false promises of socialism and communism, he published Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military.

Matt was trained in Oklahoma and lived in our state for several years before he took a command position at the newly formed U.S. Space Command in Colorado.

He courageously shows how the new training of military personnel is based on Marxist principles, and the administration that approves of such training by logical deduction is either sympathetic to or supportive of Marxism. 

Matthew writes:

"Marxism justifies the destruction of what is, asserting that a revolution will bring about something that will be better. The past ought to be destroyed; traditional religious and cultural sites must come down, because they are, after all, only a symbol of the oppressor, those with privilege. They are vain monuments to those who unjustly wield power in the old society. To maintain the vestiges of old society is to perpetuate oppression."

The United States is in the beginnings of a Marxist Revolution. Good people need to hear from Commander Matthew Lohmeier to recognize the danger and what can be done to stop it.

A simple action from you to be part of the Republic's defense force is to bring some friends with you to attend this Wednesday's OCPAC Foundation meeting.

American patriots see in Lt Col Lohmeier exactly the kind of leader they hope to see in those who wear the uniform of the United States military and swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

~Debbie Georgatos, host of the America, Can We Talk? show

and of the Women for Freedom Summit

There is no one in this country that is doing more to help defend America and promote the vision and values of our founding fathers than Matt Lohmeier! I have never met anyone who better understands the challenges we are facing today from the “enemy within” than Matt. And absolutely no one articulates the related threats and potential winning strategies with more clarity and aplomb!


President, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc

Bring your friends, relatives, your

legislator, and your pastor to this event.





Rebekah partners with 4,000 Heritage Action Sentinels and over 125,000 grassroots in Oklahoma and Texas. She meets with Texas lawmakers and writes articles for local papers.

She will bring us news of where the state of Texas is with their legislation to make gold bullion available as a link to credit card holders with accounts in the Texas gold depository.

Bring your family and friends this Wednesday to the Oklahoma History Center. However, do not forget to bring your pastor and offer to buy his lunch!

The future of a nation depends upon its shepherds to guard, protect, and guide the people of God that we may perform our roles well in both family and state.


Please bring your friends, family,

church leaders, and your pastors!


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Remembering a Forgotten Past


Michele Bachmann


Call Your Senator


2023 GOP Leadership



THIS WEEK! May 25 Meeting


Remembering a Forgotten Past

In the opening lines of the promotion for Matt Lohmeier’s new movie, we learn that his appreciation for the American Republic is the product of his reading of its history.

America's foundational document, the Declaration of Independence, is grounded in ideas articulated in the annals of history more than 500 years earlier.

June 15, 1215 witnessed the historic event at Runnymede where King John of England signed a document drafted by church leadership. We know it today as the Magna Carta. It made known to all that even the King was subject to the rule of law and could no longer reign as a tyrant.

The Parliament of England, in 1642, became the model for the American founders by expanding on the ideals of the Magna Carta. It is called the Solemn League and Covenant and was signed by the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Commissioners, and, on September 25, 1645, it was signed by both houses of England’s Parliament.

The final paragraph of the Solemn League & Covenant reads with these words:

And because these kingdoms are guilty of many sins and provocations against God and his son Jesus Christ, … we profess and declare, before God and the world, our unfeigned desire to be humbled for our own sins, and for the sins of these kingdoms: especially, that we have not as we ought values the inestimable benefit of the Gospel … that we have not endeavored to receive Christ in our hearts, nor walk worthy of him in our lives … this covenant we make in the presence of almighty God … for this end … the enlargement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God, the enlargement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ and the peace and tranquility of Christian kingdoms and commonwealths.

Such are the foundational elements of Western Civilization and the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries. It was devout Christian men like Kepler, Euler, and Galileo who made possible the technology which makes even this weekly newsletter possible.

Christianity was impacting the realms of government and science. Civilization was making remarkable progress.

However, Christianity was being challenged. For the first time in human history, the seed of atheism began to appear in printed form. In 1842, Auguste Compte published Cours de philosophie positive, which advocated a philosophy of anti-theism and replaced the worship of God with the worship of mankind.  

That same year, Ludwig Feuerbach published Das Wesen des Christentums, advocating positions in agreement with Compte.

In his book, The Drama of Atheist Humanism, the highly respected French Christian academic, Henri de Lubac, comments on the appearance of these two men on the European stage in the same year. He writes, “This coincidence of dates emphasizes the convergence of the two designs.”  

Emile Saisset wrote:

Herr Feuerbach in Berlin, like

Monsieur Compte in Paris,

offers Christian Europe

a new god to worship –

the human race.

Feuerbach and Compte laid the ground for Neitzche, Sartre, Voltaire, and others. Together, they re-shaped governments and academia in the 20th century.

Twenty-first century leaders like both of

this week's luncheon speakers ask us to

remember well these, our foundations:

By signing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and 53 other men mortgaged both their lives and their fortunes to found the most unique government in the history of mankind. In it, they were careful to articulate the fact that their authority was secured solely in the divine laws that justly rule mankind.

They added that human rights flow not from governments but from God Himself. America’s only hope of securing political independence from a British tyrant rested, they wrote, in Divine Providence.

The Declaration of Independence listed a small number of truths that its signers and their neighbors accepted as guidance for their lives. The more extensive list would have been the Ten Commandments which are displayed today in our nation’s Capital in Washington, D.C.

That is why American politicians, especially aspirants to the presidency, overwhelmingly profess to be practicing Christians. That is why, when sworn into office, they each make their pledge on the Bible.

Christianity makes for strong societies

governed by rulers whose powers are limited.


Christianity’s ideological antagonist, atheism, now represents the paradigm of choice in academia. This, in spite of the fact that even the 20th Century’s international icon of science, Albert Einstein, said, “I’m absolutely not an atheist!”

Atheism found no foothold in the world’s civilizations until 18th Century France. From the Frenchman, Voltaire, came a tsunami of atheistic secularism that swept the world stage through men like Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and many others.

In its wake was the testimony of its evil origins documented in the corpses of more than 100 million of their own citizens and the many more whose lives suffered until death in shadows of fear and torture.

That we may not follow in the footsteps of China, the Soviet Union, and Cambodia, we must ensure Oklahoma’s youth understand the foundations of freedom which are articulated in the Scripture referenced in England’s Solemn League and Covenant.

The Ten Commandments, which helped shape Western Civilization, was considered sacred by the chief figures of modern science and the leaders of the scientific revolution, and now is on display in our highest governmental institution in Washington.

It would make an appropriate display

in our children’s classrooms.

T.S. Eliot wrote The Idea of A Christian Society to guide our thoughts as we contemplate the roles we play in building the next generation of civilization. He said:

The only alternative to a progressive and

insidious adaptation to totalitarian

worldliness for which the pace is already

set, is to aim at a Christian society.

If you will not have God,

you should pay your respects

to Hitler or Stalin.

A few thousand of you read this newsletter each week. I would challenge you to connect with us through our meetings, or by email and get involved in bolstering the Christian cultural foundations of Oklahoma that we may cast a light on our nation, the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Christianity is the very foundation of human thought.

It is the foundation of free & prosperous societies.

We are in desperate need of returning

our nation and our state to Biblical foundations.

Thank you for your activism.


This Wednesday's luncheon!

11:00 AM Doors open

11:00 AM Lunch Available

NOON to 1:15 PM Meeting

Oklahoma History Center

800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., OKC, OK 73105

God bless!


Radio Interview ...

Michele Bachmann

by Dr. James Dobson

Find the complete transcript to this radio interview here.

Michele Bachmann:

The Biden administration is proposing amendments that would transfer the sovereign authority of every nation to make decisions over healthcare and that decision-making power would transfer to the World Health Organization. 

Just this week Xi Jinping himself said that China will be leading the global government in reform and governance.

The communist China will lead, and they're serious about that because they're the ones who control and direct the World Health Organization.

There is legislation now in Congress, it's being proposed by Representative Andy Biggs and it’s called House Resolution 79, and it's very simple.

It just says the United States is leaving the World Health Organization. 

Dr. James Dobson:

You can connect with both Houses of Congress with this one number, both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Here’s the number. 202-224-3121

Let's light up the switchboard.

Let's melt it.

Find the complete transcript to this radio interview here.



Failed Pro Abortion Bill SB 834

Has re-surfaced as SB 368

We urge you to call your Senator!

The switchboard to the Senate is: (405) 524-0126

Access the Senate website here.

This bill, if it passes the Senate, will go to the House.

The switchboard to the House is: (405) 521-2711

Access the House website here.

Read the bill (with red highlights) here.

Read the bills key provisions here.

Read highlights of the sponsors here.



GOP GOALS for 2023

As Nathan Dahm was considering a run for GOP chairman, one of the thoughts he had was to create a score card to measure proposed legislation by Republican legislators against the GOP platform.

He affirms the "Reagan Rule" of 80% but indicated that when a legislator's legislation runs contrary to the GOP platform more than 20% of the time, the legislator needs guidance.

Find the chairman's platform here.

Watch Nathan's Presentation here.

Watch the entire meeting here.

Wayne Hill encouraged our luncheon crowd to continue ever more aggressively their work to move conservative principles to the forefront of Oklahoma culture.

Find the Oklahoma GOP platform here.




May 25, 2023

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, and the State Department of Education, invite you to attend their May 25th public meeting.

Your comments and presence are sought as the foundation of the future of Oklahoma's children is being established. The SDE offices are on the northeast lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.


State Department of Education

Oliver Hodge Education Building

2500 N. Lincoln Blvd, OKC, OK

Thursday, May 25, 2023

8:30 a.m. Gather for fellowship and prayer.

9:00 a.m. Sign in for option to speak.

9:30 a.m. SDE meeting begins.

OCPAC FOUNDATION is a 501 (c) (3).

Gifts are tax-deductible.

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