May - June 2020 NAR REALTOR® Magazine
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NAR brings its advocacy might to bear 52 weeks a year; the significance of that effort becomes clear in this most challenging time.

REALTORS® are tackling issues in their own backyards-with support from their associations.

Two REALTORS® describe their wake-up call to association involvement.

Home Buying and Selling During the Pandemic: What You Need to Know
Resources to help you navigate the new real estate normal.

Technology and good-old-fashioned creativity are helping agents, buyers, and sellers abide by COVID-19 health and safety practices while getting deals done.

Here's what home buying and selling during the pandemic looks like.

WRA Legal Update Live
Episode 4: "Information Overload: What You Really Need to Know About COVID-19"

What do you really need to know about COVID-19? With so much information available about the pandemic and its effect on real estate, Episode 4 of Legal Update Live cuts through the noise and explores strategies that are essential for your real estate business.

May 2020 REAL Trends Newsletter
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Recovery from the housing recession
"We all hear that the recovery from this one we are now in will be a 'V' shaped recovery - a fast downward move followed by a quick, upward movement. We all pray that's what will happen."
-Steve Murray, REAL Trends President

27 Tech Terms Every Agent Should Know
Whether you're new to listing homes or a seasoned, referral-only buyer's agent, real estate technology continues to change the way the industry operates.
Brokers and agents have to be ready to shift when consumers do, and part of that is knowing what your clients and your technology vendors are talking about.

What follows is an ever-growing list of terms that are marching their way into today's everyday business vernacular. Some you might know, and others you should get to know.

Inman News' " The Weekender "
REAL Trends "What's Trending? "
The GMAR is Preparing For a SentriLock
Lockbox Audit
The GMAR is in the midst of conducting an audit of the SentriLock lockbox system. SentriLock has urged us to conduct an audit periodically, because, over time, some agents build up an excess of boxes compared to the number of listings they have had recently.
The GMAR has 9,000 lockboxes as part of its SentriLock lease. There are 8,605 in members’ hands, but only 2,747 on listings right now.
In order to assure that there are enough boxes to put on upcoming listings, the GMAR will be sending each member an email with a target number of lockboxes for them to hold on to. We’re basing the target number on the average number of listings members have had over the last 6 months.
We are very aware that listings may have slowed recently, and we will make every effort to make sure each member has an adequate number of boxes in the short-term, as well as access to additional boxes in the future.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we undertake our first SentriLock audit in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Emily or Alberta

Connect With GMAR's Social Media & Stay In The Loop
In addition to special emails, our weekly Thursday eNewsletter, the GMAR will be utilizing its social media pages to keep members informed and up-to-date during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation.

Please connect with us through the links to our social platforms below.

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