Governor Edwards Asking for Our Help!
Governor John Bel Edwards has today asked for LSA assistance with determining the approximate number of anesthesia machines in Louisiana so they have some idea how many could theoretically be used to ventilate ICU patients.

This is another important opportunity for physician anesthesiologists in Louisiana to step up to the plate. Immediately have someone in your facility answer this emergent three minute questionnaire in the next 24 hours.

UPDATE: We've received 30 replies please continue to send in your information. We'd like to send to the Governor's Office later tonight. Please respond by 7:00pm tonight.
ASA President Dr. Mary Dale Peterson will host another COVID-19 Town Hall Webinar Thursday, March 26 at 7 p.m. CDT.

Thursday’s discussion will focus on issues and advice the anesthesia community needs, including:

  • Updates on the use of N95 masks and prioritizing the protection of our workforce
  • The process and potential of repurposing anesthesia gas machines to ventilators
  • Considerations for converting ORs to ICUs, in collaboration with critical care teams
  • Important and practical information to help take care of COVID-19 patients

Dr. Peterson will be joined by a panel of experts and thought leaders who are managing this crisis in their communities and innovating solutions for us all. This interactive webinar will allow for live Q&A and discussion among participants via online chat.

Please note the webinar is also open to non-members if you would like to invite members of the care team or anyone from your state who may be interested in the topics covered, specifically the process and potential of repurposing anesthesia gas machines to ventilators.
We have moved our COVID-19 Resources to a dedicated page on the web site. We are updating the site daily and have organized it into three sections: Louisiana Resources, ASA Resources, and National Resources. Please send us interesting links to include.

Coming soon! A discussion forum site dedicated to COVID-19 for our LSA members.
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