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March 2021
It's Social Work Month
Child welfare workers, like all social workers, are essential. Unfortunately, this important work is often only visible to members of your community when a tragedy occurs. This is a problem. Improving the community’s understanding of child welfare can:
  • Build Support: Everyone who understands what we do is a potential advocate.
  • Strengthen the Workforce: Highlighting the positive impact of child welfare workers helps retain workers who are committed to good practice.
  • Improve Partnerships: Building systems of family support and community-based child protection requires concerted, collective efforts among all stakeholders.
  • Increase Community Collaboration: Engaging in dialogue at community events allows participants to get to know people in the program, interact, and ask questions.
  • Change Perceptions: Sharing the inspiring stories of real people – real caseworkers and the families they serve – can change perceptions, help reduce stigma, and grow your program’s connection to your community.

Communication strategies play a vital role in the health of our workforce and in supporting sustainable, systemic change. Here are a few resources to support this important work:
New 5-Part Discussion Series:
Building a Resilient Workforce to Address Trauma and Enhance Well-Being
Join us April 29, 2021, from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm EDT for the first session in our 5-part discussion series addressing how child welfare leaders have supported their workforce in building resiliency during the pandemic. Throughout the series we will explore the following questions: 

  1. What operational supports build resilience in the workforce? 
  2. How does addressing racial disparities, historical trauma, and race-based trauma build resilience in the workforce?  
  3. What can organizations do to address moral distress at the system level? 
  4. What actions can we take right now to break barriers and relieve anxiety?
During the first half of the session we will talk with Nancy Carre-Lee, deputy director for child protection and permanency operations, about the New Jersey Department of Children and Families' operational approach to building resilience in the workforce. We'll spend the second half of the session in peer-led small groups discussing how to incorporate strategies at your organization.
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We are honored to support your workforce development efforts and hope these trending NCWWI products assist in your work. Please contact Sharon Kollar if you have questions about the following resources or if you need further assistance.

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