Community Service Hours!
Members, please remember to enter your hours after each volunteer activity/event. Also, in order for hours to be valid, you must get the hours signed off by a JAB leader or by
Congratulations to the Following Members!
We wanted to give congratulations to the following members for their time and effort to help and serve their community. Each honoree went above and beyond, keep up the good work!
You Can Help Make a Difference
If you have not yet done so, please take 2 minutes out of your day to complete a review both on Google and Great Non-Profits for JHF.
These reviews help us make a difference.

Did you know when you shop on Amazon a part of your purchase could go to JHF? Go to AmazonSmile and check out there and Amazon will make a donation to Joshua's Heart Foundation. Thank you, we appreciate your support.
Traveling Opportunity
Next year we will be going back to Wisconsin to attend the RYLA Leadership retreat.

JAB members have gone with Joshua to Wisconsin to represent Joshua's Heart Foundation for the past few years. RYLA is a weekend retreat on a campground in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. About 5-7 JAB members attend the camp with Joshua and interact and make friends with other leaders. If you are interested in attending RYLA, please get in touch with Dexter or Celeste. Below are pictures of past trips with JAB members.

The dates for the trip are March 11-13th, 2022, and April 8-10th, 2022.
Graduates Info.
Every year our Social Media Coordinator, Sophia, creates a Grad video that is shown at the end of the year awards event. She needs to start collecting everyone’s photos. She need everyone to please send her an EMAIL (not WhatsApp) with the following:

  • 1 or 2 Baby horizontal pictures
  • Graduation photos (if you took any)
  • Photos of you related to JHF (at distributions, meetings, etc) 
  • 2 to 3 horizontal family photos
  • Any Pictures you have with other JAB graduates (doesn’t have to be at a JHF event, can be non related to JHF) 

If you do not send an email you will not be included in the video, please make sure you stay on top of this. The deadline to send your pictures in will be April 1st. Below is her email and videos of past years to get an idea of photos needed.
Please follow these instructions when sending the email: 
  1. Make sure the subject is your first and last name. (Ex. Joshua Williams- Grad photos)
  2. Make sure you send me ONE email with all the attachments. Please do not send me 10 emails with one picture in each email. If the photos do not fit in one email, then please state in the first email that you sent two emails so I am aware. Thank you.
  3. Make sure the photos you choose to send are not blurry.

Sophia's Information:
Wanting to Share News?
Do you have something that you would like to share on Joshua's Heart Foundation social media? Maybe an event or fundraiser you are hosting?
Please reach out to Sophia Costa, our Social Media Coordinator, and Alumni JAB member. She will be able to assist you in creating a flyer or post to share!
Sophia's Information:
Don’t forget to follow and engage with our social media accounts! 
Newsletter Editor- Sophia Costa-Martinez