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Monthly Newsletter
January 2021
Dear LAC Members,

Welcome to our January LAC Newsletter! All the best from the LAC family for the 2021, wishing you great success in the year to come! 2020 has turned out to be a very different year than originally planned; however, we all have learned a great deal. The LAC family has grown in 2020 and we are planning to build on our success to date. We have a very busy and exciting year ahead of us with many projects coming to fruition this semester, among them the Interface Rebuild and the SEL Dashboard. 

The Interface Rebuild for LAC is almost ready to share. We will schedule demo sessions of the new interface in February/March for LAC schools to share the features of the rebuilt platform. 

The first tier of our LAC Data Literacy Workshops had an amazing turnout of over 25 participants for each of our first three workshops. In December, we ran Part 1 of Module 3; Part 2 will run on January 23. Registration information will be shared in a separate communication next week. We are also planning to run the whole of Tier 1 workshops in March/April. Exact dates will be shared in our February newsletter. Details about these workshops are below. 

We are very pleased to announce our 3rd Virtual Meet up that will be held on February 20th. You can find more details below!

To further improve our communication with schools and allow member schools to connect, we will be launching an LAC Community section in our LAC Online Learning Center (OLC). You can read more about it below. 

We had a number of schools contacting us to set up regular, weekly or bi-monthly scheduled calls. It’s a great way to ensure we can provide the best service, understand current needs, and provide help where needed. If you’re interested in scheduling a regular call please email myself.

All the best, stay safe, and have an amazing 2021!

Piotr Olczak
Director of Learning Analytics
Consilience Education Foundation
LAC Data Literacy Workshops
These workshops are aimed at raising the Data Literacy levels for teachers and other members of the school community at our LAC Schools. Data literacy is a key enabler to efficiently consume information, have data-informed conversations, and gain valuable insights. The workshops are divided into three tiers: 
  • Introduction to Data Literacy
  • Advancing in Data Literacy
  • Mastering Data Literacy. 

We have launched the workshops in Tier 1. Information about the workshops can be found at this link. First tier is designed to introduce the audience to Data Analytics basics - What is Data and How do we Categorize it, What does High Quality Data look like, How do we Collect Data, How do we choose the Right Visualization Method or be able to understand and consume the information being presented.

Workshops for Tier 2 and 3 aimed at expanding skills and increasing capacity in Data Literacy and Data Governance will be offered this Spring along with a rerun of the Tier 1.

If you would like to schedule the Data Literacy workshops for a cohort of teachers at your school, please email lac@consiliencelearning.org with suggested dates and times. 
3rd Virtual Meet up
Building on the success of our previous virtual meet ups and recognising that one of the main benefits of being part of the Collaborative is being able to draw on each other's experience and best practice, I am very excited to announce our 3rd Virtual Meetup on February 20th, 2021 featuring Ruth Poulsen from the International School of Beijing who will share with us ways in which she uses protocols to engage teachers with use of student data.

More details will follow soon in a separate communication. Please mark the date in your calendars!
LAC Community
LAC Community will be a section in our LAC Online Learning Center (OLC). The OLC is being widely used by LAC members and includes a number of useful resources. It’s an ideal place to add this feature. This will allow all LAC members to ask questions of the entire LAC Community - such as questions about data and share with each other guidance and resources on the use of data at their schools. We will send out notifications from the OLC once the Community section has been activated.
LAC Online Learning Center (OLC)
We would like to remind everyone about the LAC Learning Center, the online space designed for LAC members, full of valuable resources and guidance. Here you can find information on how to Build the Data Culture at your school, including Data Literacy Competencies, Data Conversations and Using Data to Set Goals and Drive Change. All members have an automatic enrollment. In case you cannot login, please contact Piotr.
Engine of the Month - Student Data Explorer
Student Data Explorer (SDE) integrates with the Student Data Profiles and allows a school to view their student level data on multiple assessments in the form of an interactive matrix. It allows the screening, sorting, grouping and clustering of students based on subjects, teachers and achievement levels.
If you would like to add it to your school’s LAC site or have any questions about its usage, please contact Piotr.
Data Literacy - Building a Culture of Data Use

Please read this great article posted on Edutopia and learn how a teacher at an elementary school shares student data with parents so they can help their kids with homework. Parents are used to seeing school reports but this teacher took it further. She has organized Parent Data Nights, events where she meets with each parent to demystify the reports, explained acronyms, test scores, and trouble areas for their child, as well as providing tips and tricks for helping their student at home.
Useful Links
Consilience is a non-profit, global education innovation company that supports institutions and educators to transform teaching and learning. We provide leadership training and professional development in the areas of Innovation Leadership, Technology Integration, Maker Learning, Online Learning and Learning Analytics. For more information about our work, please visit our website: www.consiliencelearning.org 
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