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Writing Your Travels: A Class For All Levels

with Laurie Gough

WED, MAY 24 | 6:00–9:20 PM MX CST | USD$125.00

  • Genre: Travel Writing
  • Level: Beginner–Intermediate
  • Location: Online

As long as wanderlust exists, the travel essay will never stop appealing to readers who want more than mere information. You’ll learn that to be an effective travel writer you must lead the reader into the wonder of a place, remembering that your experience can only be conveyed through specific details. We’ll discuss ‘finding’ the story; ways to begin; the importance of the quest and we’ll do fun and inspiring writing exercises, sharing our travel experiences through the written word.

Laurie Gough is a journalist and award-winning author of three memoirs. Over twenty of her stories have been anthologized in literary travel books and her books have been translated into several languages. She has been a columnist for The Globe and Mail, and has written for The Guardian, The L.A. Times, Maclean’s, The Walrus, USA Today,, The National Post, Canadian Geographic, among others.

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Listen up! How to craft powerful dialogue for the screen, stage, and page with Merridith Allen

THR, MAY 25 | 6:00–9:20 PM MX CST | USD$125.00

  • Genre: All Prose / Screenplay
  • Level: Beginner–Intermediate
  • Location: Online

Learn to write the kind of dialogue that will make you, your characters, and yourself as a writer stand out! You’re going to learn a specific set of tools that will teach you how to treat dialogue like action that seamlessly builds both plot and character. You will also learn how to tailor your approach for your genre of choice, so these tools can be applied to a play, screenplay, novel or memoir.

Merridith Allen is an award-winning writer and teacher who pens action, martial arts, and drama about women kicking their demons in the teeth. Her writing clients are working and award-winning television and feature writers, podcasters, and prose writers.

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IMPORTANT: Mexico no longer observes daylight savings time. Please convert your time zone from Mexico Central Standard Time.


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