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I hope you had a really wonderful November; I know I have. Shortening days, beautiful sunsets, cooling nights, wonderful opportunities to go within as well as to enjoy the spectacular universe we live in. Because there are often more demands on our time as we move toward Winter, it’s especially important to find those sweet times to retreat for a bit, examine who we are, where we are, and what goals we might want to set for the work year.

How about the decision to finally tap into the power of your mind to heal and empower change, to go beyond the surface, beyond merely incremental change and transform your life and your world? You can do it!

These moments of calm are excellent times to practice deep relaxation or meditation. You are committing to yourself, your mind, your relaxation and centering. Although you may feel like you are back in the “rat race” of life (Summer and vacations are so wonderful for slowness and taking a breath) you can choose to empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts and keep the deep peace you find throughout the day and week.  

This would also be a great time to practice the first step in mindfulness you will take in this issues free imagery experience,   Mindfulness and Your Mind, Step 1.

Review of past newsletters:

In the last newsletter we talked about the profusion of our personal and global illnesses and dysfunctions. We also discussed the trance that has been induced in most of us by media, advertising, social media, and current pedagogy, and that it is a strong factor in our personal illnesses and dysfunctions as well as those of our families communities and nations. You were also invited to experience the free  “Island of Peace Meditation ", and the most important first step in breaking out of that trance. I hope you are enjoying it!

As you may have discovered by now, or will soon, going to this inner island of peace regularly will do wonders for you, dissolving the unnecessary stress in your life. Being able to enter this state of mind at will enables you to harness the energy of that stress and re-purpose it to accomplish your personal goals and mission. What’s more, as you will see, it gives you the ability to awaken your higher mind, access your full intelligence, awaken your inner healing potential, and the creativity to go beyond symptoms to the very source of the imbalances in your life. 

In this relaxed state, the power of the imagery you hold in your mind is multiplied, as is the power of the words you say to yourself. Sometimes the changes come about so quickly, completely, and permanently it’s almost as if the messages you are giving your mind, are magic words.

Although it seems deceptively simple, once you can reliably go to that quiet inner place, you are ready to go beyond temporary relief to profound healing and change (I have seen it thousands of times in my practice and my teaching). This next step involves intentionally guiding your thoughts, emotions, and images in specific ways to awaken the magic of the healing process. Quite fittingly, today I want to introduce you to  The Secret Word By Which All May Be Accomplished  (read story below).


Emmett Miller MD

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The Secret Word By Which All May Be Accomplished
This is the god Khidr, who was believed by the Sufis to be a righteous servant and messenger of God who possessed great wisdom. 

A well-known old Sufi story concerns the time that Khidr came to earth with the intention of teaching mankind the word by which all could be accomplished.
As he was on his way into town (Sufis called human cities “The Land of Fools”), he happened to meet three older gentlemen, the three wisest men from the land of fools. They asked who he was. 

“I am Kidhr and I have come to share with mankind the word by which all may be accomplished.”

They replied, “Well, you are fortunate indeed, for we are the three wisest men in the land. Surely we are the ones who should hear it first.”

“Very well," responded Kidhr, and he told them what the word was.

When he heard it the first wise man responded, “That can’t be the word, I’ve heard it before. Certainly the word by which all might be accomplished would...  Read more...
December Imagery
Mindfulness and Your Mind, Step 1
Our imagery this month will be an introduction to mindfulness meditation. In this video, excerpted from one of my professional trainings, I will share an important experience from my life, and then a mindfulness guided imagery experience. Watch the video...
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For the Funnybone

This one is a kick and bound to make you smile. "You Gotta Believe”, featuring The Dancing Goddesses:
Words of Wisdom

"Anyone entrusted with power will abuse it if not also animated with the love of truth and virtue, no matter whether he be a prince, or one of the people."

-Jean de la Fontaine, poet and fabulist (8 Jul 1621-1695)  

Inspirations: This Month's "Whoa!" Moment

 “Never give up, never, never, never, never, never, never.” – Winston Churchill

The bear cub in this inspiring movie must have heard Churchill’s speech.