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The Q1 2023 Seafarers Happiness Index report by The Mission to Seafarers shows a decline in overall happiness levels and frustration among seafarers regarding matters such as long periods spent aboard, inadequate food provisions, and bureaucratic paperwork.

Seafarers are key workers and help transport over 80% of goods that we use in our daily lives. At Navozyme, we strive to play our small part to improve the lives of seafarers via our deep-tech solutions. For example, the N-CAP Wallet app enables seafarers to receive their secure credentials (Digital ID, e-certificates etc.) directly onto their mobiles.

Over 5,000 Blockchain Enabled E-certificates have already been issued via N-CAP and we continue to receive encouraging feedback from seafarers about how they value this service. Gorexx Alfred Lim from MAAP recently wrote to us "I as a Cadet, am definitely honoured to be able to use the N-CAP Wallet to store my certificates and to access them everywhere I go... It is so far one of the best initiatives of improving the documentation of training certificates in Maritime."

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Whitepaper on Maritime E-Certification

Navozyme and Hochschule Bremen (HSB) have released a new whitepaper which delves into the application of blockchain technology in digitalising seafarers' certificates within the maritime industry. It examines the drawbacks of traditional paper-based certification processes and presents case studies featuring institutions that have embraced Blockchain Enabled E-certificates (BEEs) to enhance efficiency and safeguard data.

HSB’s nautical faculty worked with Navozyme on a pilot study about the digital transformation of their maritime certification processes. This whitepaper was developed as part of this pilot study.

Read the Whitepaper

Navozyme at the IYBA/MYBA Summit

The IYBA/MYBA Summit, held at the Monaco Yacht Club, provides learning & development opportunities and industry networking for superyachting professionals. The Summit consisted of industry leaders and experts discussing the latest trends in yacht sales, legal standards, technology and more.

Anjaney Borwankar, Co-founder & Chief Executive of Navozyme, was invited to moderate a panel on "Cryptos, NFTs, Digital & Virtual". The discussions revolved around the current and upcoming applications of blockchain technology for the superyachting industry.

Support mapping our oceans

Anjaney Borwankar, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Navozyme with John Wyborn, President of MYBA, and Captain Andrew Schofield

At the recently concluded IYBA/MYBA Summit, Seabed 2030 invited both yacht and other vessel owners to join their crowd-sourced bathymetry program. This initiative asks the participating vessels to help fill the gaps in the seafloor map.

Seabed 2030 is a collaborative project that aims to increase the current 20% mapping of the entire seafloor to 100% by 2030. The project seeks to create a definitive map by collecting all available bathymetric data, enabling us to understand important topics such as ocean circulation, tides, fishing resources, underwater geo-hazards, infrastructure construction, and much more.

For more information about how you may participate in mapping the world's oceans, email [email protected].

Learn more about Seabed 2030

N-Bunker Update

Navozyme, in collaboration with the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), has completed the Exploratory Data Analysis phase of its N-Bunker algorithm development. The analysis has revealed the magnitude of the bunkering waiting time. N-Bunker facilitates Just-In-Time bunkering and reduces waiting times for vessels. Reduced waiting time diminishes wasted fuel burn which in turn facilitates decarbonisation.

Daniel Visa and Anjaney Borwankar from Navozyme along with Dr. Jose Antonio Lozano and Dr.Abolfazl Shirazi from BCAM

More about N-Bunker
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