Solving the Durability Puzzle
Ever thought about what it takes to deliver the durability you expect from products you use? Durability reflects the combined sum of many decisions made all along the supply chain. What sources to use for raw materials? What dimensions and shape for product features? Are there OEM- or customer-imposed design constraints? What load cases occur in manufacturing, shipping, installation, and operation? Manufacturing processes? OEM-specified qualification and / or regulatory testing requirements? What is the warranty or brand promise? If these decisions are not made well,
Calibrating Precusor Size in Endurica CL
Crack precursors exist in all elastomers owing to the heterogeneous microstructure, even before any loads are applied. The size of the typical precursor must be specified as part of the Endurica fatigue analysis workflow. The best practice for finding the precursor size is to leverage both crack growth and crack nucleation experiments to enforce agreement between the nucleation test results and
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The  Charles Goodyear Medal  " is awarded in recognition of outstanding invention, innovation, or development which has resulted in a significant change or contribution to the nature of the rubber industry.
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What to Measure in Fatigue Testing of Elastomers
Check out this video! Endurica's Fatigue Property Mapping service measures the elastomeric properties that determine fatigue performance of your part in operation. Use these measurements with FEA and numerical fatigue simulation software like fe-safe/Rubber or Endurica CL to anticipate and manage fatigue performance.
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