Conservatism and Tradition in Fatigue Analysis
Because Endurica’s Critical Plane Analysis is a relatively new approach to fatigue analysis of elastomers (introduced in 2001), new users often ask whether its predictions are conservative. ie, does its predictions reliably lean in favor of safety? And is it more or less conservative than the traditional approaches it supplants? Fatigue analysis for elastomers follows two distinct...  
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Fatigue Property Mapping 2.0
We have just launched a few updates to our Fatigue Property Mapping service offerings. The changes were:
  1. Addition of the all new Reliability Module for those needing to compute probability of failure in addition to fatigue life. The module gives you Weibull parameters to...
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Rubber Necking - a special addition of things that make us look twice!
A refrigerator made from a rubber band?
Science  is a journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and their January 17th issue includes insights on how twisted elastic fibers could cool food. Check out the "twistocaloric" method!
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Rubber Compounding for Durability
February 4-5, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Viscoelastic Effects in Elastomers and Impact on Durability
February 5, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Behavior for Analysis and Engineering
February 17-19, 2020
Markina-Xemein, Spain

March 16-18, 2020
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software
February 20-21, 2020
Markina-Xemein, Spain

March 19-20, 2020
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Tire Technology International
Hanover, Germany
Visit us at Booth C318.
SAE World Congress
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Spring Rubber Division Technical Meeting
Independence, Ohio, USA
International Silicone Conference
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

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