Our staff proudly participated in the San Fernando Valley Pride Car Parade hosted by the Mayor’s office.
Supporting Foster Families During COVID-19
“We have not let the pandemic interrupt the services our foster families count on,” reports Lauren Dottore, a social worker in The Village’s Foster Family & Adoption Program. “We’ve stepped up collaboration and enhanced safety procedures to ensure our kids and families are safe.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, The Village’s social workers have conducted home visits and check-ins virtually. “We’ve had a positive response from foster parents who tell us they feel encouraged and supported during this tumultuous time.”

With 236 foster children currently in The Village’s program, foster parents and social workers alike are going above and beyond to do what’s right for the kids.

“One family is quarantining with another foster family to enable siblings to continue visitations with each other. And that’s just one example of the care our foster families demonstrate each day.” 
Helping College Students Address Housing Instability
Studies show that 1 in 5 community college students experience housing instability each year.

The Village has teamed up with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to connect students with stable and permanent housing through the recently launched Campus Peer Navigator Program.
“We work directly with students to solve their housing challenges, which can include finding a room with a family member or friend, or helping them increase their income to alleviate the burden,” noted The Village’s Peer Navigator, Brigette Zarazua Quintero.

Quintero covers five community colleges and underscored the effort required to reach students, especially during the pandemic. “We’re doing a lot with email and social media and it’s paying off. We get up to 20 referrals in a day.”

“Last week, we secured affordable housing for a young man who recently moved to California for school. His part-time job could not afford him housing, so he was sleeping in his car. We connected with another organization that is now providing him with an affordable place to live. That’s why we’re here. College students deserve a safe place to live without compromising their education.”
Welcome new foster families! In recent months, The Village has recruited and approved 10 new foster families, whom we refer to as “Resource Families.” If you’re considering providing a loving home for a child, we invite you to learn more by attending one of our online orientations.

Upcoming Orientations on Zoom
  • Thursday, August 20 6-7:30pm
  • Saturday, August 29, 12-1:30pm
  • Or by Appointment

To RSVP for an orientation or for more information, please email fostercare@thevillagefs.org
Please Participate in the Census!
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It only takes a few minutes, but will have a huge impact on our community’s future. 
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