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It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Our farm partners are bursting with so much colorful, tasty and nutritious produce it really is like Christmas to us - and , if you love delicious local dining, it's a great time for you too! Our Farm partners work very hard to provide incredible locally grown food, grown in the cleanest way possible - if the headline's are scaring you - and they should - rest assured when you buy from our local Farmers' markets and dine at La Belle - you never have to think twice. The animals are well cared for, the seafood is sustainable and the vegetables are clean and GMO free - it's not easy or cheap - but who wants to be called easy & cheap? Not us.We just do our best to bring  that just picked flavor and  awesome colors to your plate.

Terra Firma + Hunts Brook + Smith's Acres + Old Orchard Farm + Wayne's Organic Garden + Beltane Farm +  Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm + Provider Farm + Sweet Acres + Upper Pond Farm + Stonington Seafood Harvesters

We are thrilled to be announcing another
"Meet the Farmers Dinner" 
Sip:: Taste :: Chat :: Learn  :: Enjoy  
Monday , August 18 @ 6:30 
Hello Summer! 
Monday, August 18 
$35 per person + drinks & gratuity 

 Provider Farm

 Max & Kerry, the folks who helped us deliciously say

"Farewell to Winter"


are now going to share the bounty of their summer fields to help us say
"Hello Summer!!"
So Good - You can Taste the Sunshine

Please check our website for more farmers dinners, events, cooking classes, current menus and more
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