October Newsletter
ME'scope Start Page
You may have noticed a few changes to the ME'scope Start Page. We added a number of new links to make it easier then ever to access ME'scope Online Training and Support Tools.  If you are current on ME'scope Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) you can now view all of the ME'scope online training videos for free! Simply click on the link and access training videos from introductory ODS all the way up to advanced Modal Analysis. App Notes, Tech Papers, and our YouTube Page are now easily accessible from your Start Page. Coming soon you will be able to share your ME'scope models with other users and view/download models from free from the new Vibrant Model Store.
Upcoming Shows
Join us for the Condition Based Monitoring Conference (Formerly IMVAC). Orlando, FL November 12-15th 2018.
Visit us at the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC) in Orlando, FL January 28-31st 2019.
ME'scope Application Notes
Every month we review one of the ME'scope Application Notes. This month it is all about Modes. App Note 9: Calculating the Modes of a Beam

In this application note, a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model of a beam is constructed, and its FEA modes are calculated. Then, one end of the beam is fixed (or grounded) and its cantilever beam modes are calculated. Finally, these results are compared with the modal frequencies of a continuous beam derived from classical closed form equations. Click the link to access App Note 9.

Next month we will look at App Note 12: Calculating ODF FRFs from Bridge Impact Data

To view more ME'scope App Notes visit https://www.vibetech.com/support-area/application-notes/
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