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September 26, 2016 - Issue # 5
Open House Is Here - You Are Invited!
  • come meet your child's teachers
  • learn about the school programs and expectations
  • explore the Academies, clubs, sports, and activities at Beach High
  • visit the classrooms
  • meet your student's counselor
  • sign up for the Parent Portal
  • enroll in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Open House Is Here - You are invited!


You are invited to the 2016-17 Miami Beach Senior High Open House!

Please come and meet your child's teachers, the administration and staff. It will start with a curriculum fair from 5 to 5:45 pm, and then classroom visits from 6 to 8 pm.

The purpose of the Open House is to explain the school programs and expectations, to provide an opportunity for parents to meet their students
' teachers and to showcase many of the resources offered to our students and their parents.

You will receive information about clubs, activities, tutoring opportunities, academic programs, and more.

Counselors will also be available to answer general questions and/or make appointments to handle more specific questions or concerns.

Please note: there is not enough time for teacher-parent conferences during Open House. If you would like to speak with your student's teacher one-on-one, please email him/her and schedule an appointment on a separate day.

Dear Parents,
The school year has officially shifted into "gear" and the first progress reports have been released. So there is actually no turning back to the days of summer.

Whatever grade your child is in, it is super important for you to know what is required of them and what you can do to help them make it through. Therefore, I invite you to make a special effort to attend the Open House at Miami Beach Senior High this week.

So many of us work and it is easy to just go home after work. Note, the Open House is the one and only time you'll meet your child's teachers face-to-face without making an appointment. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear firsthand what each teacher expects and to ask questions about your concerns.

Also, stop by the PTSA table in the cafeteria and join for only $10 for the entire year. We'll keep you informed with our newsletter which is jam packed with dates, deadlines, and upcoming events you really need to know.

If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at 305-494-0872. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at Open House.
Amelia Gowdy,
Miami Beach Senior High PTSA

Don't forget to bring a copy of your student's schedule with you to school, as the classrooms visit will follow the schedule order.

Those who are not familiar with the school can download the school map featured below and ask their students to indicate where their classrooms are located.

Download the Campus Map


The PTSA will have a table at the Expo and Resource Fair, starting at 5 pm.
Stop by and meet us at the PTSA table.

If you haven't renewed your membership this year, you can do so at the Open House or online here: PTSA webpage

Only $5 for students and $10 for parents!  



During the Open House, the PTSA will
be holding its Annual Paper Drive. We encourage parents, students and the Beach High community to bring in at least one ream of paper and drop it off at the PTSA table. Please reach out to employers and neighbors to also contribute paper to the school.

Beach High has a great need for copy paper - far beyond what is budgeted for the school. The donation of copy paper is a simple way to contribute to the success of Beach High, which translates into the success of our children. Please stop by the PTSA table, say "Hello," and drop off a ream or two of paper. Your efforts really do make a difference!  

We are also requesting donations of wipes for our Special Education classes. Please bring your donation to the PTSA table in the cafeteria before 6 pm or leave it in the Activities office.


The PTSA  is once again organizing a dessert table for the Teachers' dinner on Open House night, September 27. 
We need volunteers to bake or bring store-bought desserts, to be dropped off before 3:30 pm at Ms. Sakowitz's room (main office).
If you live in the Bay Harbor area, you can also drop them off at Hillary Frankel's house (text her at 305- 244-9911 to let her know).
We will start setting up at 3:30 pm. Help would be very much appreciated!

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