Reminder: Public Comment Opportunity

REMINDER: Public Comments Wanted on the

Draft Delta Plan Five-Year Review Report 


The Delta Stewardship Council is seeking input on its five-year review of the Delta Plan.  

This report uses established performance measures to provide a snapshot of measured progress toward Delta Plan objectives. It also includes an analysis of the Delta Plan’s regulatory functions and a series of recommendations, along with associated actions to outline how the Council and its partners can implement the Delta Plan over the next five years.  


As a reminder, comments are due June 10, 2024, via email to [email protected], or by mail to the address below.  


Delta Stewardship Council 

715 P Street, 15-300 

Sacramento, CA 95814 


The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009 requires the Council to review the Delta Plan at least every five years and revise it as needed. Consistent with the flexible decision-making framework known as adaptive management, the five-year review process ensures that the Delta Plan responds to changes in the environment, science, and knowledge, and the pace and uncertainty of climate change to stay the course in the pursuit of the coequal goals.

The first Five-Year Review and a highlights report can be found on the Council's website.

A screenshot of the Delta Stewardship Council's online Delta Plan performance measures dashboard.

Delta Plan Performance measures help evaluate whether resource management actions recommended in the Delta Plan are producing the expected results. The Council developed quantitative performance measures based on the best available data, and science, and management relevance through an inclusive multi-year process involving state, federal, and local agencies, scientists, and more. These performance measures can be tracked on the Performance Measures Dashboard.

Additionally, watch our YouTube video to learn how performance measures are used to track the health of the Delta.

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