July 2020
Say "No" to Gout Flares

The Gout Education Society is committed to raising public awareness of gout and arming people—like you—with resources to help you better understand gout and treatment options.

Summer is here and nicer weather often means more time outdoors. If you're suffering from gout, don't worry—it is possible gain control of your gout, so you can enjoy your favorite summer pastimes!

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis, but it can be managed through proper treatment and diet and lifestyle changes . Gout is a disease that develops from high levels of uric acid in the blood. Though uric acid is a normal waste product found in the bloodstream, too much of it can put you at risk for gout and other health conditions . Without proper treatment —typically involving daily uric acid-lowering medications and lifestyle changes—high uric acid levels can lead to the development of crystals in the joints. Over time, the accumulation can lead to painful gout flares and even deformities.

If you are suffering from gout, it's important to start on a proper treatment plan, right from the first flare. If you are taking a daily uric acid-lowering medication and are still experiencing flares, tell your doctor or seek a second opinion from a rheumatologist . It's also important to get your uric acid levels checked every six months and aim for levels to be at 6.0 mg/dL or below.

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Who Gets Gout and Why
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