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The Adaptable Leader in the Digital Era
– Adapt or Fail
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Tomorrow, February 27, 2019
Long Beach Marriott 
4700 Airport Plaza Drive,
Long Beach, CA 90815
Digital technologies are reshaping the world and transforming the business ecosystem forever. Companies are in the midst of digital transformation journeys or about to embark on them, yet the rate of failure of digital transformations is astounding – 80-90% by some industry estimates. What’s going on here? 

The speed of change in the digital era means that adaptability is paramount to success, and IT leaders, more than ever, must become “Adaptable Leaders”. How quickly leaders move forward to navigate this change requires “unlearning” previous habits of success and commands new “Personal Power” to adapt and lead others.

Keynote speaker, Vipul Kapadia, founder of ThinqShift, and a prominent executive and organizational coach, will explain what makes an Adaptable Leader and talk about the skills that leaders must master to succeed in leading their organizations through the rapid changes in the digital era.

Join us for a dinner event of networking with peers, and hear from experts and practitioners about why we, as leaders, need to adapt, or else fail This event is restricted to SCSIM members and qualified guests subject to SCSIM's Programs approval.
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Vips Kapadia, the founder and CEO of ThinqShift, a leadership services company. He has over 15 years of experience as a coach, entrepreneur, and consultant. Vips is a generous, positive, self-aware and purposeful story-teller who acts as a powerful catalyst to “shock” leaders into action -- to inspire, to innovate and to make an extraordinary impact on the world.

Dynamic, energizing, challenging, and often cheeky. Vips “speaks” leadership from the C-suite to the coder; from the taskmaster to the therapist; from the hard truths to the heart- warming triumphs.
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The Adaptable Leader – Speaker Vipul Kapadia | Synopsis: The speed of change in the digital era means adaptability has become paramount to success. Most of us suck at it and at least 70%-80% of digital transformations will fail!  The key is to become an Adaptable leader. In order to succeed, leaders need to master: 

· The neuroscience of your habits
· The fabulous person non-negotiables
· The three powers – content, positional, personal
· This may require you to “unlearn” habits that made you successful previously.

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Personal Power workshop — Engage in a group activity to start working on some practical shifts you can make to increase your personal power.

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Discussion & Q&A – Vips to facilitate and poll tables for discussion points.

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This event is restricted to SCSIM members and qualified guests
subject to SCSIM's Programs approval.
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