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SiteIndex Updates: New Improvements & National Exposure

Recent Improvements
  • New convenience links to the listings that display in this panel, making it easier for users to access flyers and generate one-click reports.
  • Weekly Hotsheets, Your listing may be featured in one of our upcoming weekly Hotsheets sent out to hundreds of brokers in Charlotte.
  • Fields have been grouped by type (ie. all "Building Size" fields together) to make it easier for users to find the particular information they are looking for.
  • Combining related fields (ie. Sprinklers) to make the display more compact.
  • Property "Contacts" (ie. Owners, Agents) now have their own dedicated section.
  • Displaying particular, important fields whether we have a value or not. This helps ensure that users looking for "% Leased" will see that we may or may not have a value, rather than spending time reading through the page wondering if they are just not seeing it.
National Exposure

Commercial Exchange is Catylist's new national commercial real estate marketplace. All Catylist member listings are automatically elevated to Commercial Exchange at no extra charge. Complete with built-in SEO, your listings now reach a nationwide audience of potential leads.

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