Stay Well with These Super Flu-Fighting Foods
This winter we need to be particularly careful to avoid colds and flu. I am just too busy to get sick, so I pay special attention to what I eat. My father was a doctor in Southeast Asia and he always said that if you are in general good health, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and wash your hands frequently, you’re doing a lot to prevent a nasty case of the flu. Now, as we fight a pandemic, we need to wear masks in public to protect ourselves and others.
How To Enjoy Eating Healthy All Winter
What is the easiest way to get in shape for your summer vacation? It’s eating healthy during the cold winter months and skipping the beach-body crash diets of years past.
Global Grains Will Bowl You Over
Bring the flavors from around the world into your next bowl. We’ve created five healthy, plant-based recipes that provide nutritious, balanced meals in a bowl.
This Week's Recipe
Coconut Chai Oatmeal
Lighten up your oatmeal and create a new breakfast ritual with flavorful chai and coconut
blended with nutritious whole oats. If you think that whole rolled oats take too long to make, think again! Instant oats lack the amount of fiber found in unprocessed oats so finding an easy way to prep the whole version is important.