Listen to Dr. Devra Davis on the Dhru Purohit podcast discuss the latest science on cancer and cell phones.

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Dr. Davis is featured on Channel News Asia's report by Steve Chia on health effects from cell phone radiation.

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EHT's Theodora Scarato testified to members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on HB 1644, which would require cell towers to be placed at least 1,640 feet away from schools, hospitals, residential areas, and other locations. The bill would also establish a registry for people experiencing symptoms of radiation exposure.

The University of Sussex Business School finds that the claim that 5G is "green" technology is not backed by strong, publicly available, fully transparent evidence.

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EHT scientific advisor and physics professor Paul Ben Ishai explains what went wrong with the 5G deployment around airports in the U.S.

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It's easy to let your representatives know that you care about public safety and exposure to wireless radiation. With a few strokes of the digital pen you can send a letter expressing your concern.

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Scientists Call For Retraction of Inacurate Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Review
Investigative Reporter Paul Thacker published an article in the Disinformation Chronicle as well as the Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity on a recent radio frequency radiation/cancer "review" published by David Robert Grimes. Grimes did a paid advertisement for Vodafone in 2020, downplaying health effects from 5G.

Environmental Health Trust sent a letter to the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association Oncology (JAMA - Oncology) calling for a retraction of the inaccurate review. In our letter we outline the inaccurate information and explain that "our scientific understanding of electromagnetic radiation is in a paradigm shift. The ionizing versus non-ionizing model is no longer relevant to understanding the health effects of RFR (radiofrequency radiation)."

Microwave News also published an investigation on the flawed "review" and found that although Grimes represented himself as affiliated with Oxford University, the University confirmed he did not hold a position there.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the University of California Berkeley also sent a letter stating, "the journal should change the paper’s title to accurately reflect its contents (e.g., “Radiofrequency radiation and cancer: Telecom industry talking points.”

Kent Chamberlin PhD also wrote a letter to JAMA Oncology highlighting the findings of the New Hampshire Commission on 5G.

Watch Dr. Devra Davis Talk About Digital PTSD
A new study published in the journal Environmental Research by team of international experts – Tarmo Koppel PhD, Mikko Ahonen PhD, Michael Carlberg MSc and Lennart Hardell MD, PhD –finds levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation are increasing from the proliferation of cell antennas mounted close to the ground on buildings and poles. The researchers created heat maps of (cell tower antenna) RF radiation measurements in Stockholm and summarized the results of several recent studies on health effects. “These risks are relevant to those people working or living in the highly exposed places – in this study they are 1) people living in the apartments across the street from the antennas, 2) workers of the shops across the street and beneath the antennas.”