DECEMBER 2019 Monthly Update
Tussey Mountain Opened Before Thanksgiving!!
Nick, Elliot, & Sage
Ellison, Heidi, Drue, Nick, Kesley, & Elan 11/23/19
In what may be a record, the mountain was able to open for the weekend of November 23rd . Many TMART'ers were seen on the hill having another best day ever!

A warmer patch has the mountain currently closed, but the snow guns are all in place and the outlook is great. We are ready to launch for our 2020 racing season - and Oh What A Season it Will Be!!

Submit your registration now. Remember there are two parts:

1 - Register for US Ski & Snowboard

2 - Register for TMART

When registering for US Ski & Snowbord:

  • "Alpine General" membership level allows you to train with TMART but not compete at any races. This would be appropriate for most Devo athletes.

  • "Alpine Competitor" membership level is required to compete at ANY race. This would be appropriate for most Comp athletes.

If you have any questions, please email us , we are here to help!
TMART Coaches & Athletes All Over Killington Race
Frankie - Slip Crew on World Cup Course 11/29/19
Coach Frank - Finish Area of World Cup Course 11/29/19
Coach Frank returned to Killington for his second year of working on the World Cup track for the ladies SL and GS races held at Killington over the Thanksgiving weekend. As part of the crew, he is involved in course preparation, safety device installation, and course maintenance during the actual races.  

This year TMART athlete, Frankie Dorman (U19-1) also volunteered as a course slipper!  He was tasked with working as a member of a special team that slips through the actual race course in between the competitors in order to help maintain a smooth race track.  
This is especially difficult as this is a water injected race course, meaning that it is essentially solid ice - no snow, positioned on an extremely steep pitch.  

Frankie was right up close to the real action!  He was even sprayed by snow/ice as Mikaela Shiffrin raced past him during her record-setting 62nd World Cup victory!

Also in Vermont to watch the event were the Fonash and Lincoln families who enjoyed taking in the electric atmosphere.

The Killington race draws the largest crowd of the World Cup circuit. It is "One Big Party!"
Coaches Dave & Josh w/ families -
In a 6 passenger Bubble Chair - 11/28/19
Coach Spotlight - Mark Staub
Introducing Our New TMART Development Program Coordinator!
Mark Staub - Making Kids Smile!
We are extremely proud to announce the addition of Mark Staub to our TMART coaching staff! Mark is a very talented instructor with a long history in teaching skiing to young people. Mark has taken on the role of TMART Development Program Coordinator . This is a vital role for our club - it all starts here!

We interviewed Mark:
- Coach Mark, Can Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm currently a Financial Architect for the state of PA after working for Penn State for over 17 years. My wife, son, and daughter all love being outside and share in my love of skiing. We have a dog, 3 cats, and a horse. I've always been a runner, having run races up to and including a full marathon. My current goal is to qualify for the 2021 Boston Marathon at the 2020 Pittsburgh Marathon. 

- When did you start skiing? When did you find Tussey Mountain?
I started skiing when I was 6 at Tussey Mountain, my dad brought me out and got me two lessons, and I haven't looked back. 

- Can you tell us about your experiences as a Ski Instructor?
I started teaching skiing in 2006, but then took some time off because life got in the way. Then I finally returned to teaching in 2014. Since then I have attained level 2 Alpine certification in addition to level 1 Children's Specialist. I have taught lessons that span from someone that has never skied before to those advanced skiers that can take on the whole mountain, in addition to teaching our Penn State Kines class, which I help to coordinate curriculum and instructors for. The past 4 years I have taught for the Tussey Mountain Kids Saturday program. 

- You are great at working with kids. What’s your secret?
Kids are great to work with. The key is making everything fun for them. I normally start out trying to understand what they like and what gets them excited. The rest comes down to turning the tasks that achieve the goal for the lesson into games that they enjoy and can remember. Foundationally, through training, it helps to understand how kids learn, can move, and develop for different ages so you know when to apply different tactics. 

- What do you love most about skiing?
Skiing is easy to love, it's a sport that you an strive to improve Everytime your are out on a slope, and push yourself to a new level so you can take on other terrain and travel to other locations and just explore the mountain. Now with kids, the love is sharing that love with my son and daughter and seeing their smiling faces as they succeed, and celebrate all their firsts just as I did years ago! 
Mark Showing his Professional Ski Instructors of America Pin
Mark Smiling on Snow - Notice a Trend Here?
TMART Athletes - Champions Off Snow Too
Sylvia Wins State Championship Events!!
TMART Athlete - Sylvia Decker - Raised Box Keyhole - State Championships - 10/24/19
Turns out that a member of our ski team not only enjoys going fast on the slopes, she likes going fast on her horses too! During a recent competition at the Pennsylvania 4H State Horse Show held in Harrisburg, Sylvia Decker received top honors in her division of 8 to 14-year-olds in not just one speed event, but three out of the four!

In two of the classes, Pole Bending and Raised Box Keyhole, she boasted the fasted time of all the age divisions!   

Not only did she go fast, but she and her horse looked good too, bringing home a fourth championship in grooming and showmanship. She also placed seventh in Miniature Horse in Hand Trail and ninth in Miniature Horse Driving. 

To reach the State competition, Sylvia had to successfully compete at both the County and District level.  Earlier in the year, she won a State Championship in Halter at the 4H Junior Horse Show with her 4-year-old pony. 

Her brother Barry Decker also competed at the state show in Pleasure Horse Driving placing 4th in his class!
TMART Athlete - Barry Decker - Pleasure Horse Driving - State Championships - 10/24/19
Upcoming Activities - There are Many!
Season is Starting - There is a LOT Going ON. Please Read Carefully and Mark Your Calendars:
Next TMART Monthly Board Meeting:
Tuesday Dec 10, 6:00pm at Race Shack
These are open for anyone to attend. We talk about any and all business relevant to the operation and betterment of the club.

Tuesday December 17, 6pm in Tussey Mountain Lodge
All TMART Athletes and Families are encouraged to attend. We will go over new features for the year, review team expectations, and answer any and all questions that you may have. This is a fun social event also! Don't miss out!!!

TMART Comp Team Christmas Camp Training:
December 27, 28, 29, and 30
9:00am - 3:00pm
Open to all Comp athletes. This will be structured free skiing, drills, gate training, and video review to kick off the 2020 season. No extra fees are due to attend!

TMART Development Program Starts:
Saturday January 4
9:00am in Tussey Mountain Lodge Room
All Devo athletes and parents should attend this first session which will begin in the lodge for some opening comments and meet & greet with Coach Mark. Subsequent sessions will begin on snow.

Seven Springs Clarity Business Solutions GS:
Saturday January 4 at Seven Springs
This is an early season race open to U10 - U19 athletes. This is NOT a qualifier for TMART athletes, but is an option for anyone wanting to get an early season race day in. Register through AdminSkiRacing. Advise a TMART coach if you plan to travel.

TMART Masters Program - Introductory Clinic:
Sunday January 5, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Meet in Edges Pub
Free to attend - for anyone interested in ski training with our Masters (any adult 18 or older) group. Will talk inside for a bit and then head out to ski together for an hour or so.

PA Cup Slalom Races #1 and #2 at Tussey Mountain:
January 18 and 19
For our first year in many many years - we will be hosting the PA Cup #1 & #2 race weekend at Tussey Mountain. This will be an exciting event for all participants and spectators alike. Please plan to come out, even if you are not competing. Saturday afternoon we are planning to hold a social event. Fun for all!!!

TMART All Team Photo:
Saturday January 25, 11:00 am
Meet on Deck Outside of Lodge
All Devo and Comp athletes and all coaches are encouraged to attend.
2020 PA Cup Race Schedule:
PA Cup 1 (SL): Jan 18, 2020 @ Tussey Mt. 
PA Cup 2 (SL): Jan 19, 2020 @ Tussey Mt.
PA Cup 3 (GS): Feb 7, 2020 @ Blue Mt.
PA Cup 4 (GS): Feb 8, 2020 @ Blue Mt.
PA Cup 5 (SL): Feb 9, 2020 @ Blue Mt.
PA Cup 6 (GS): Feb 28, 2020 @ Elk Mt.
PA Cup 7 (GS): Feb 29, 2020 @ Elk Mt.
PA Cup 8 (SL): March 1, 2020 @ Elk Mt.

2020 U10 - U16 Race Schedule:
Whitetail GS: January 26, 2020
Roundtop SL: February 1, 2020
Liberty GS: February 2, 2020
U14/U16 Speed Camp: February 3 & 4, 2020 @ Blue Mt.
Tussey SL: February 15, 2020
Tussey SL: February 16, 2020

2020 Derby Schedule:
U12: Feb 28, 29 & Mar 1 @ Roundtop
U14: Feb 21, 22 & 23 @ 7 Springs
U16: Feb 21, 22 & 23 @ Blue Mt
TMART - Always Another Best Day Ever!
Van - Pre-Season Training in Canada - 11/29/19
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Tussey Mountain Alpine Racing Team
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