We are pleased to announce that the fundraising goal of $3,000.00 set for last year (2023) has been surpassed thanks to your generosity and support during our recent event and auction, "Arts & Auction on the Avenue." As a result, we have accumulated a total of $23,308.00 in our endowed fund and $665.00 in our annual scholarship fund which means that we will be awarding two $500.00 scholarships to two deserving students in the winter of 2024. We thank all our members and supporters for their contributions and encourage those who haven't donated yet to do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of this newsletter. Your donations will help us continue to support students achieve their educational pursuits.


Dianne Diniz

Georgia Quartaro


2023 AGM

If you were unable to attend the AGM on December 1st, we have you covered. Click the button below and you can view the entire meeting. The official meeting minutes will be published in our next newsletter.



Are you looking for a community where you can connect with like-minded individuals and enjoy some stimulating and fun events? Look no further than GBCRA! Our board member Julie Bulmash is leading the planning for our upcoming events in 2024, and we have some exciting activities in store for you.

But that's not all - as a special promotion, we are offering our online activities for free to all members and their guests during the month of January. Keep an eye out for notices that will be in your mailbox soon announcing our January offerings. And in February, our online activities continue to be free for 2024 paid members with a fee of $5.00 for guests of paid members and a $10.00 supplemental fee for unpaid members.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our lively community and participate in our engaging events. If you're looking for some new experiences, there's something for everyone at GBCRA. Sign up now and get ready for a year of fun and excitement!

Feb 13

Everything Wild and Wonderful about Naples - February 13, 2024

Please join us for a virtual tour of Naples led by Dr. Keith Johnson. This tour will take you on a journey through the centuries, exploring the city's impact on art, architecture, theatre, commerce, religion, and food, from ancient Greece to modern times.

Throughout the tour, Keith will share stories of some of Naples' most famous inhabitants, including Pliny the Elder, Thomas Aquinas, Caravaggio, Pergolesi, Croce, and many others. You'll discover how these figures contributed to the city's rich cultural heritage and how their ideas and innovations continue to influence our lives today.


$0.00 - $10.00


Join Crystal Kotow-Sullivan in the latest episode of our "Musings and Meanderings" series as we delve into the vibrant life journey of Lina Medaglia, one of GBC's recent retirees. From her professional achievements to her personal anecdotes, Lina's story is a rich tapestry of laughter, learnings, and memories. And for those of you who were at George Brown College in the 1980s you'll love hearing about some hilarious moments re-lived by Lina. Tune in now to be inspired and entertained.

We have a challenge for you. Are you curious about Lina's relationship with donkeys? Well, it's time to put your guessing skills to the test!

All you need to do is write to us at [email protected] and tell us what Lina's relationship is with donkeys. If your answer is correct, we will send you a special gift from Lina herself. 



Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds with a fine dining experience like no other? Look no further than Richmond Station Restaurant, where the food and drinks are nothing short of superlative. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with this incredible restaurant which has generously donated an exclusive Chef's dinner for two people to our fundraising auction for the past three years.

Managed by George Brown Culinary graduate Brandon Wraith, Richmond Station Restaurant is a culinary destination that offers unparalleled dining experiences in the city. With their no-tipping policy, they pay their staff a living wage, making it a great place to support.

Book your meal now and show your appreciation for the amazing team at Richmond Station Restaurant. Trust us; this is one dining experience you won't want to miss. Hurry, and savour the joy of fine dining!



On November 16, we held our annual fundraising event this year called, "Arts and Auction on the Avenue," at the historic Heliconian Club in Yorkville. The event was successful, featuring dozens of paintings, photographs, and crafts made by our members, all of which were available for purchase as well as many donated auction items.

The auction was a main feature the afternoon, with a wide array of donated items, from luxury accommodations to boxes of steaks to ski passes, as well as handmade greeting cards, quilts, and jams and jellies.

Guests were treated to another highlight - a private piano recital by Rudin Lengo, a popular private tutor, classical piano performer and teacher at the Royal Conservatory

Thanks to the generosity of our attendees and supporters, we were able to surpass our fund raising goal and to raise over $3000.00 to support our student scholarship funds. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who contributed to the success of "Arts and Auction on the Avenue", and we look forward to continuing to support the students of George Brown College.


We want to share with you some of the events that have taken place during 2023. Our members have been busy with a wide range of activities, and we've got some quick video summaries to give you a taste of the action. From community outreach initiatives to exciting cultural events, we've got it all. So join us for a fun ride as we recap our 2023 events and celebrate the participation of our members. Get ready to be motivated by the energy and enthusiasm of our community. Don't miss out on the fun - come along and see what we've been up to!

In the Spring of 2023 a group tried to attend "The Sea Gull" See who was there and what happened.

Just in time for Easter, a group put in a shift at the Daily Bread Food Bank. Check out our committed volunteers

Is there a bretter way to spend a summer's day than sailing on a tall ship in Lake Ontario? We will be back this summer!

Our annual trip to Stratford was revived post pandemic. A bus ride, picnic and a great performance of "Rent."

Back by popular demand, our group put in another shift at the Daily Bread Food Bank, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Our annual on-line auction went live this year at the Haleconian Club. In addition to the auction we had a piano recital and art show.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay connected with your network in 2024. Our membership dues are only $15.00 per year, providing you with high value for a low cost. As an added bonus, we offer a Life-time Membership category for only $200.00, allowing you to stay connected for life. 

Your membership covers the cost of communications, including web fees, email addresses, and physical mailboxes, as well as association insurance. Additionally, we strive to subsidize the cost of some activities for paid members, making it even more beneficial for you to renew your membership.

Staying connected with friends and former colleagues is invaluable, and renewing your membership is a small price to pay for maintaining those important relationships. Don't delay, renew your membership today and continue to benefit from the many opportunities available through our network.

You can e-transfer your membership fee to [email protected] or you can post us a cheque to GBCRA, 2146 A Queen Street E, Unit 46, Toronto, ON M4E 1E3


2024 Board of Directors:

Dianne Diniz - Co-Chair

Georgia Quartaro - Co-Chair

Barb Dunlop - Secretary

Joan Reynolds - Treasurer

Debbie Plested - Membership

Bob Cox - Communications

Julie Bulmash - Events/Activities

Crystal Kotow-Sullivan - Special Projects

Denise Pontone - Director at Large

Trish Robinson - Director at Large