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Subject to Change
Dear Friends and Members of Cancer Connection’s Community,

When we were talking about what the Cancer Connection Thrift Shop would do to comply with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ control plan requirements for reopening during the pandemic, nearly every new rule or safety precaution, we realized, needed to be subject to change.

New shopping hours? On trial. Limit donations? Experimental. Bathrooms available? It's a fluid situation.

We deeply appreciate our valued volunteers, customers, and donors. Volunteers, you , along with our devoted Thrift Shop staff, have made the Thrift Shop into the unique place that it is, where you can feel the thrill of the thrifty hunt among friends. Customers, you buy so many of our goods that we were able to expand the programs and services we can offer to people living with cancer and their loved ones and caregivers. Donors, you bring great items. We work hard to make sure that the things you can no longer keep are expertly sold to benefit people dealing with cancer or diverted to be recycled, reused, or appropriately discarded. But none of it would be possible without YOU.

We hope to sustain the shop as calmly as possible through all the adjustments and any future twists and turns. We ask you to be open to this new experience of the Thrift Shop. We hope to maintain the community spirit and fun you love.

Thank you for your commitment to Cancer Connection during this time when we need to be open to change. Please continue to tell your friends and family facing cancer that we are here for them @ 413-586-1642.

Toutes mes amitiés,

Beverly L. Herbert, Executive Director

Nearly Ready to Open...
with Some Adjustments
Our shoppers and donors have been waiting for the shop to complete the necessary reopening preparations. We’ve heard from many of you and are grateful that you’ve stayed in touch. We are so excited at the prospect of seeing everyone, and we thank you for your patience.

Thrift Shop Manager Christine Quinn said, “This is a lot more than we expected to have to deal with. We feel your pain! We’re there with you.” During the “pandemic pause,” Thrift Shop staff cleaned and reorganized the shop, making significant improvements that will make for a better shopping experience. They also developed procedures to meet the retail Covid-19 precautions (many of you are familiar with them if you have been shopping lately) that are state-mandated in Massachusetts. Christine said, “We’re excited at how beautiful the shop looks now. And we have a great selection of summer clothes.”

Here are some new things you will see once we reopen, with most subject to change when updates are needed.


We have a very small staff and not all of our volunteers are able to return just yet, so please be patient and kind.


Wear your mask while waiting your turn to enter the shop, shopping, and dropping off donations.


Due to safety concerns in the parking lot, we can not accommodate a big line, but we will provide a safe waiting space for a limited number of people.


  • The number of shoppers will be limited.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at the door and throughout the shop.

  • The restroom will be closed to the public.

  • The dressing rooms will be closed as per the Governor’s mandate, and as a reminder, our No Return Policy remains in place.

  • Due to the crowds on Thrifty Thursdays, Thrifty Thursday is on hold for now. We are heartbroken about this! Everybody loves it and we love the energy. But we need to keep everyone as safe as possible.


There will be social distancing precautions taken at check out including: customers will be asked to bag their own items in a bag we will provide.


  • Donations will be accepted every other week.

  • We will limit the amount of donations — subject to change.

  • Donations will be taken at the side of the building. Parking is limited to two cars at a time. (Same as before we closed.)

  • We will not take donations unless you are wearing a mask.


  • We will have new hours, to be announced.

  • Given that the Thrift Shop is selling nonessential items (much as we all love thrifting!), our hours will be open to everyone.


Our reopening date will be announced on Facebook, in our newsletter, and on our website. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support.
Exclusive: Reopening Preview
Take a peek at our Thrift Shop.
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