September 2019
Take Time to Check Out Candid

You can give your nonprofit an edge by using Candid -- a new online force in the nonprofit world recently launched by Guidestar and Foundation Center.

It is worth taking time now for you and others at your nonprofit to explore, understand and use this vital service. It consolidates nonprofits' Internal Revenue Service filings and other key information to help potential donors and funders evaluate where to allocate donations and grants.

It is imperative that your nonprofit’s profile is correct and current. You have the opportunity to customize certain parts to best highlight your organization's strengths. If you can't recall when you last checked to ensure your organization's profile is up to date, make it a priority to do this soon.

At, you can log in and update your nonprofit’s information for free. Be sure to add details to the new demographics section since funders increasingly ask for this information. In addition to nonprofit profiles, Candid has links for nonprofit training opportunities, data, news and directories of potential funders.

Make it a priority to go to soon to check your nonprofit’s profile, update it if needed and see what other Candid tools can be helpful.

Resource of the Month
SmartChart: Plan Effective Communications

Nonprofit communicators have a great tool at, and it is free. SmartChart is designed specifically for nonprofits to guide communications planning from big ideas to identifying key messengers and implementing tactics that work.

With students settled into back-to-school routines, it is time to focus on yourself. Learn something new at a fall Academy for Nonprofit Excellence class. You will gain information and tips you can use right away to improve your nonprofit's work.

Choose from classes focused on corporate sponsorships, financial analysis, leadership, work/life balance and nonprofit law. Each class costs $70 and counts towards earning a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

The Academy for Nonprofit Excellence is sponsored by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation in partnership with Tidewater Community College.

Dates to Remember:

September 17 is a free Hampton Roads Community Foundation nonprofit workshop focused on making outcomes count. Details are here .
October 1 is the deadline for most special interest grant applications at the community foundation. Learn more .
October 3 is the next nonprofit Drop-in Day at the community foundation. Details are here .
November 12 is a free community foundation nonprofit workshop focused on preparing grant proposals. Details are here .