WATCH: Pornography in Ohio Schools Exposed
to the State Board of Education
On Tuesday, April 12th, John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters, testified to the Ohio State Board of Education that the state tax-funded organization InfOhio is exposing the children in our state to hardcore porn. What is InfOhio? It is a joint effort between Ohio schools and Ohio’s library system to provide online resources for learning (like research and homework). Grade school children have access to this pornography.

At the meeting, each State School Board member received a packet, with a warning label, that included pictures and instructions for how to access the material. "This is about harmful material that the Ohio Revised Code defines in “Section 2907.31 | Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.”  

"It was reported last year that the website 'Pornhub' faced lawsuits alleging it knowingly participated in trafficking and child pornography. Pornhub permitted children under the age of 18 to engage in sex, in the making and filming of material, for their website."

John Stover stated: "One cannot be held accountable to take action against this indoctrination and exploitation of children if they are ignorant of the facts. However, today you now are aware of InfOhio’s involvement of exposing children to hardcore pornography (including Pornhub). What action will this board take regarding the corrupting and sexualizing of the minds of Ohio’s children?

John Stover urged the board to contact Attorney General Dave Yost and request that his office pursue criminal action against InfOhio under Ohio Revised Code 2907.31.

Watch the video below to see the blockbuster testimony
and response from the board.