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Dear families,

Thank you to all who supported another successful WSOC Gala & Auction. We celebrated our 30th anniversary as a school with 145 community members, including several alumni families. City of Costa Mesa mayor Katrina Foley presented a commemoration to our College of Teachers, and attendees viewed a WSOC 30th Anniversary video: check it out here !

Our net proceeds totaled $66,002.00, which includes a paddle raise to further green our campus with additional filtered water bottle filling stations, LED lighting and specially designated trash cans for recycling. Our own Ziqi Sang served as photographer for the evening, and her gorgeous gallery of photos is available for viewing and purchase. Please email her for more information!

May Faire is fast approaching, as are our 8th Grade Projects, 12th Grade play and Spring Concert. Scroll down to learn more about our high schoolers' trip week, our new World Languages teacher, and more.

Remember to bring your gently used items Friday at pick up for the 8th Grade Yard Sale, and order food from Miguel's Jr. this Thursday, May 2 to support our high school! Those with young children will not want to miss Ms. Barbara's parenting workshop that starts this Thursday as well.

And, please don't forget to order your yearbooks!

With Gratitude,

Alyssa Hamilton
WSOC Communications Coordinator

Pictured at right: Grade 3 is hard at work on a new school garden shed!

Thu 5/2
ALL DAY- order food from Miguel's to support HS fundraising
8:45 - 10am Ms. Barbara's Support for the Parenting Journey (Thursdays through June 6)
3:15p - 4:30p • Middle School Girls' Soccer Practice
3:15p - 4:15p • HS Soccer Game

Fri 5/3
8:30a - 4:00p • 7th and 8th Choir Festival at Knott's Berry Farm
3:15p - 4:30p • Middle School Boys' Soccer Practice

Sat 5/4
8a - 1p Grade 8 Yard Sale on campus
Mon 5/6
3:15p - 4:30p • Middle School Boys' Soccer Practice
3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice
6:00p - 7:30p • Grade 3 Parent Meeting

Tue 5/7 - Wed 5/8  • Grade 4 Pilgrim Field Trip

Thu 5/9 3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice

Fri 5/10
7:00a - 4:00p • Grade 5 Pentathlon

Fri 5/10 - Sat 5/11 • 8th Grade Projects

Mon 5/13  • Parent Appreciation Day
Tue 5/14 9:00a - 3:00p • Middle School Orchestra to Biola

Wed 5/15
8:15a - 2:15p • Vision Test EC- HS
9:00a - 11:00a • Walk Through the Grades
6:30p - 7:30p • Grade 12 Play

Thu 5/16 3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice

Sat 5/18 10:00a - 2:00p • May Faire

Mon 5/20 3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice

Thu 5/23 3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice
7:00p - 9:30p • WSOC Spring Concert

Fri 5/24 In-Service Day NO SCHOOL

Mon 5/27  Memorial Day NO SCHOOL
3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice

Reminder: reclaim all items from Lost and Found- they will be donated to charity at the end of the month -

Thu 5/30, 3:15p - 4:45p • HS Soccer Practice

May Faire News
Our wonderful May Faire festival is coming up in a few short weeks! We are proud to make this a low-waste event and ask that everyone bring their own reusable plates, cups/bottles and cutlery. Washing stations will be available. Bring your water bottles, we will have refill stations for water. Mason jar drinking glasses will be available for a fee.

The May Faire committee welcomes your donations of up to $20 to help purchase floral decor. There is a collection box in the front office for these donations, should you wish to contribute. You may also send donations electronically to Venmo: Mandy Heaney @MayFaireFlowers. Additionally, donations of hearty branches (such as willow branches) are very much appreciated. Those can be brought to campus Thursday, May 16th - Friday May 17th. In order to reduce waste (including excess plastic), we are not asking for any floral decor this year. Our committee can purchase flowers in bulk at a reduced cost, so monetary donations and hearty branches are the best way to donate to the festival decorations.

Tickets will be available for sale at drop off and pick up starting Monday, May 13th. More details will be forthcoming in our next Hot Sheet.

Attention friends, parents and grandparents who like to sing or play guitar:

You are invited to join the Festival Singers to sing your heart out on May 18th at May Faire. Rehearsals will be on Wednesday afternoons after pickup at 3:15pm in the back room at the Company of Angels.(May 8 and 15th) and additional days as needed.

Please call or text Gaby Hass at 714-514-2033 if interested, or show up at rehearsal and bring a friend!

Join the fun!
Save the Date
8th Grade Projects

Friday, May 10
6:30 pm (begins with project board viewing & Q and A's prior to presentations) - 8:30pm
Saturday, May 11
9am (begins with project board viewing and Q & A's prior to presentations) - 2pm
Eurythmy Hall

Please join us next Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11, for the WSOC 8th Grade Projects. Since last year, our current 8th graders have been hard at work securing a mentor, learning a new skill, documenting their process and creating a presentation of their project. This is their first time speaking to the entire WSOC community, and they are so excited to share their projects (ranging from spear fishing to barbering to bread making!) with all of you. As an added bonus, Grade 7 will be selling snacks and beverages. Please come, bring your children (Grade 1, in particular, love seeing their older "Buddies" up on stage), and bring your friends!

Learn more below!
12th Grade Play: An Evening of Comedic One-Acts

Wednesday, May 15
Eurythmy Hall

This year's senior class will present to the community "An Evening of Comedic One-Acts." These short scenes are student performed and directed, and every aspect of the production is also being organized by the students. We hope to see you there! Recommended for 6th grade and up.
WSOC Welcomes New World Languages Teacher
Yung-i Lo, who currently assists in the first grade classroom, has been hired to teach Mandarin as a second World Language in grades 1 to 3 for the 2019-20 school year.

"As a pictorial and ideographic language, Chinese lends itself well to the Waldorf curriculum," says Ms. Lo. "More and more, people are realizing that Mandarin Chinese is an important language in today’s global culture. I believe adding Mandarin Chinese teaching in WSOC foreign language curriculum will empower children’s learning experience. As a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and well-educated in both Taiwan and the U.S. about Waldorf education, I believe I can enrich children’s learning about a different language and culture."

Ms. Lo was born and raised in Taiwan. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from National Chengchi University in Taiwan and a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English. She graduated from the Foundation Studies in 2014, the Adult Education Early Childhood Program in 2016 and the Adult Education Grades Program in 2018. She also completed a Waldorf Foreign Language Teaching Workshop in 2018.

Her daughter, now in Grade 5, has been at WSOC since Playgroup.
Parent Education
Vision Screening at WSOC on May 15th
Vision Screening at WSOC
Wednesday, May 15

Since vision plays such an important role in learning, and in an effort to offer every possible opportunity for a successful learning experience Waldorf School of Orange County has scheduled a comprehensive learning related Vision Screening to take place at school. Children with vision deficits often do not report significant symptoms; they assume that everyone sees the same as they do. This screening is designed to identify undetected vision problems that may be interfering with your child's schoolwork or keeping him/her from achieving to their full potential.

Many children have 20/20 eyesight; however, vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. It is a complex process involving many visual abilities and more than 65% of all of the pathways to the brain. Nearly 80% of what a child perceives, comprehends and remembers depends on the efficiency of the visual system.

This vision screening evaluates near and far visual acuity, eye movement control, focusing, eye teaming ability, depth perception and color vision, all of which are crucial for academic achievement and reaching one’s potential in life.

If you would like your child to participate in the screening: Please click here for permission slip, fill out, and include a check for $20.00 made out to Vision Development Center, which needs to be returned to the front office by May 14. Hard copies are available in the front office.
High School Trip Week Highlights (April 2019)
Grade 9 Works at Tanaka Farms
WSOC's Grade 9 spent their trip week visiting Tanaka Farms in Irvine. "The 9th graders were great farm hands, and worked hard through the week. I think they developed a new appreciation on how much energy it takes to grow food and to work on a farm," said WSOC high school teacher Hugh Brennan. 

Every day started with a seminar with Farmer Tanaka, who discussed a range of topics including the business of farming, water conservational, immigrant workers, organic vs conventional farming methods and more. His lectures were followed by heading out to the fields to get our hands dirty toiling the fields, weeding, planting and harvesting crops. 

Grade 10 Visits CETYS
Grade 10 made the trek down to Mexicali to visit and tour CETYS University, of which the Preparatoria (high school) is a part. High points included a game of pickup futbol with some college students on campus, and a visit to a local hospital, where the students distributed toys to small children

"One highlight, for me, was sitting outside with several of our students this morning before our tour started and conversing en Espanol. It’s incredible how quickly they have transitioned, and it feels quite natural," said WSOC high school teacher Naqib Shifa.
Grade 11 Volunteers for Catalina Conservancy
The Grade 11 class spent trip week working with the Catalina Island Conservancy. They camped on a picturesque campsite on the east side of the island, and were given naturalist training. They learned about the geological and biologic history of the island of Catalina.Their work over the week included planting native species, removing weeds and non-native plants, making soil and planting seedlings at the conservancy nursery. 

"Weather conditions were challenging the week we were there, and the students had barely any sleep due to extremely high winds, causing the tent canvas to flap at an alarming volume! The students handled this all with extremely good grace and a superior sense of humor. Unforgettable memories were made!" -WSOC High School science teacher Kim Eijpen.
Grade 12 Dives Deep in Taiwan
WSOC's seniors embarked on a trip to Taiwan, where they experienced the adventure of a lifetime. They explored lush bamboo forests and sacred temples, visited he Taipei 101 Tower, the famous Taiching Feng Jia Nigh Market, learned to make a traditional three course Taiwanese meal, and much more. They also met up with students from a Taiwanese Waldorf school and presented them with special shirts they designed (WSOC Band teacher Edwin Lovo silkscreened it for them) adorned with two hugging bears (a California Brown Bear and a Chinese Black Bear).

WSOC high school Spanish teacher Sra. Rey and several parent chaperones accompanied the students.

"We visited such beautiful places, and hiked around the Taroko Gorge. I was completely amazed by the stream running through the gorge, because I had never seen water so clear and blue in my life. Framed by the tall rocky cliffs and greenery around it, it almost seemed too beautiful to be real.

Visiting another Waldorf High School was definitely another one of my highlights. They taught us how to make scallion pancakes, which we all enjoyed together. The students, along with everyone I met, in general, seemed to have such a great spirit.

I feel like I am able to look at the world a bit differently after the trip. I am glad we were able to go somewhere so different from where we live, and really get into the heart of the country."
- Lulu Forsum, Grade 12
WSOC Wildcats Soccer Celebrates Multiple Victories
Above: WSOC High School Soccer Team (includes three 8th graders and one 7th grader). WSOC's stellar team recently won 3-0 at home vs. Christian Lutheran and will be playing an away game against TVT on Thursday, May 2.
On April 30th, the Wildcats faced off against the Calvary Christian Eagles in their last game of the season.They were led by team captain and goalie, 8th grader Hannah, with defensive support from 8th graders Jadyn, Luna, Isabella and 6th graders Amelie and Lauren. The offense was led by 8th grader Su Daerra and 6th graders Emily, Isabel, Maya, and Chara who were non-stop, pressing, pushing and setting up counter attacks for forwards Abbi and Cece who both got solid shots on goal. The game winning goal came five minutes later from a free kick by Su Daerra with the golden boot, who sent a missile of shot that the Eagle's goalie got her fingertips on but couldn't stop!

Wildcats were victorious: 2-1.

--WSOC Coach Hugh Brennan
Summer Camps
Snack provided, please bring lunch. Enrollment: Venmo (please contact Ms. Michaela for details: ) or in person outside the kindergarten classrooms. Payment is required to hold your spot. Please make check payable directly to the teacher hosting that week. Minimum of 6 children per day needed to hold camp.
WSOC On and Off Campus
Grade 5 Play: Perseus the Brave
In Grade 5, students study the history of ancient civilizations. They learn that in Ancient Greece,   stories about gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters were an important part of everyday life. Perseus the Brave is one of those mythical stories telling the tale of a hero's journey facing the impossible, retrieving the Gorgon Medusa's head, in order to free his mother from an unjust king. It is through perseverance and bravery, and a little help from the Gods, that he is able to succeed.
Grade 3 Play: Joseph the Dreamer
Grade 7 Studies Renaissance Artists
On April 12, Grade 7 showcased their knowledge of Renaissance artists with individual poster boards, written reports and a 10 minute speech on their chosen artist.
They expertly answered visiting parents' questions and shared little known facts about their artists, from bizarre hidden imagery in their paintings to a proclivity for thievery and worse. "Some were brilliant, but some were also downright crazy!" said one student.
Community News & Announcements
After School Tutoring Available Now!
Members of our High School National Honor Society, headed by Christian Trinh-Tran, have started an after school tutoring club.

Mondays and Tuesdays
3pm - 4:30pm
Juniper Room, WSOC HS

One-on-one-tutoring/homework help is open to all grades in the following subjects:
  • Math
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Science
  • History

Please contact for details.
Waldorf 100, Part 3: "Becoming"
"Becoming" is the third film in a series of short films produced on the occasion of the centenary of Waldorf Education under the direction of the award-winning Californian documentary filmmaker Paul Zehrer, and which provide an insight into the inclusive diversity of Waldorf Education under the most diverse cultural, social, religious and economic conditions around the globe.

No age has a deeper impact on the whole of life than the first years of childhood. "During those first seven years, children develop their bodily foundation for life.
WSOC Spirit Wear Available Now!
We are so pleased to announce our new line of WSOC Spirit Wear! Visit and choose from over 50 unique items, from clothing to bags and more! For men, women, teens, children and toddlers. And the quality is AMAZING- soft and cozy and long lasting. 15% of proceeds support our WSOC 8th Grade fundraising efforts for their end of year adventure together.

Support your school & show your spirit...order today!
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