"Our mission is to worship God as a loving community that grows in faith and shares the Gospel of Christ."

Prayer of the week

Dear Heavenly Father,

What joy that we can approach You in prayer, confident that You will receive us; You will listen and answer!  

This week, our immediate prayers are for:

  • Greg, Sarah, Mark, Sue, Aurora and any others that are traveling for work or for pleasure. Be with them and lead them safely to their destinations. Let them be refreshed in mind, body and spirit and bring them safely back home again;

  • Lucy who is undergoing radiation for a brain tumor, Eric who is still having pain after surgery and the doctors don't know why, Janice and anyone who is struggling with health issues of loved ones. Give all those suffering from health problems, caregivers and families strength and patience, endurance and continued confidence that Your goodness and love will uphold them;

  • our school as they end their school year. Thank you for the blessings the school provides us and for supporting the parents and teachers as they strive to bring up strong, Christian children;

Thank you for loving us and guiding us as we try to do the right thing by all we encounter. Thank you for blessing our small congregation with so many willing helpers.

Thank you for willing workers, some of who have completed a piece of what is necessary to safeguard the church’s funds in the form of the EF Document. If it is Your will, Lord, have the voters approve it so that the committee can now move forward.

You are the Light of the world, Your name is above all names, the only name by which we can be saved. May You be glorified by my life today and always.

In Jesus' name,


Continued prayers for those on our hearts and minds for comfort, healing, peace and a life in the Gospel of Christ:

Pastor Josh, BLC Board, committee members and other leaders, our school children and teachers, NA, AA. I-Help, Adopt-A-Families, Joann, Vince, Eric, Ray, Lindamarie, Lori, Nathaniel, Griffin, Dorothy, Lindsay, Doris, Alex, Merrill Gardens, The Cottages, Bob, Patty, Sarah, Steve C, Thomas, Michelle, Christa, Robin, Craig C., Kate, Carrie, Joanne, Dotty, Kirk, Beverly, Diane, David, Adriana, Crystal, Eric S., Emily, Marilyn, Ave Grace, Viola, Lori, Walter, Marie, Amanda, Harry, Martha, Jason, AnnaMarie, Barbara, Mike

Psalm 147:5

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.

Please, send prayer requests by replying to this email.

You may also contact Pastor Schmidt or our office at:

(831) 373-1523

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