Dear Charlotte Catholic Parents and Students,

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful weekend. As a reminder, we will begin to return to campus in phases this week according to the chart below. We appreciate everyone's cooperation and flexibility as we continue to teach and learn.

Some of you have elected a full semester of remote learning, while others find themselves learning at home temporarily this week due to a hybrid schedule, or quarantined due to a positive COVID-19 test or direct exposure to someone who has tested positive. For these who are "temporary remote learners," we know this is not your first choice, and we understand that it may be difficult.

During these challenging times, and as we continue to work to be stronger, safer, together, please remember that the expectations of CCHS students remain high whether our students are learning on campus or at home.

The following parent and student expectations were sent in our Return to School plan before the start of the school year. This is a friendly reminder for those who already elected to be Remote Learners, or for anyone learning at home temporarily either due to the hybird schedule or because of a quarantine.

Students are expected to:
  • Attend all classes during the scheduled class times. During these live classes, students will be required to turn on their school-issued MacBook’s camera so the teacher is able to see the student during class. 
  • Check-in to each class or be marked absent.
  • Remain signed into the class for the entire period.
  • If it becomes necessary to leave in the middle of a class, the student must adhere to CCHS’s current attendance policy.
  • Follow all policies outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • Dress appropriately while live streaming and follow the policy of the Student Handbook.
  • Work with your counselor on developing a routine for school.
  •  Set up an appropriate workspace. Workspace should be in a quiet area and include a desk or table. It should be void of distractions.
  • Approach remote learning classes as if in the classroom. Assuming you are not using your cell phone as tool for classroom activities, it should be silenced and put away during class. Limit your distractions.
  • Complete and submit all work on time. Do your own work.
  • Do not cause distractions during class.
  • Do not visit campus during school hours.
  • Support the community and prayer life of the school.

Parents are asked to:
  • Set up a workspace for your student.
  • Make certain space is available for your student to be in class virtually from 7:35 AM until 2:35 PM school days Monday through Friday.
  • Support CCHS’s expectations for your student.
  • Report absences per CCHS guidelines. CCHS absence make-up policies apply to Remote Learning.
  • Follow the appropriate CCHS chain of command if an issue arises. Please contact your student’s teacher first with any concerns, then your assigned guidance counselor, then a school administrator.
  • Students learning remotely may be disciplined per the school’s code of conduct and discipline policy. This can include behavior distracting to the class or other students or not following directions. Parents will be notified if there is a discipline issue and are asked to follow up with their student and the teacher.
  • Allow your student to complete his/her own work. School policies on student original work and academic honesty will still apply.
  • All policies outlined in the Student Handbook apply to Remote Learning.
  • If contacting the teacher, please, allow reasonable time for the teacher to respond.
  • Support the community and prayer life of the school.

As always, thank you for your attention. Let's have a great week!