February GRT Returns Still Due on March 25
On Friday, we announced that the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department (NMTRD) was extending tax and filing deadlines. We wanted to remind members that the bulletin released does not, and the Secretary of NMTRD has not allowed an extension of GRT, Compensating Tax, Leased Vehicle Gross Receipts, Leased Vehicle Surcharge, nor Governmental Gross Receipts filing or payment deadlines. Because of this, February GRT returns are still due on March 25. 

Additionally, please note that we are working diligently to gather answers to your questions related to the NM tax and filing deadline extensions and once we have the answers, we will notify you immediately. 
Issue Management Resolution System (IMRS) Conference Call
Are you experiencing problems with the tax filing season, Identity Theft issues, etc.? IRS Stakeholder Liaisons and IMRS Program Analysts are very interested in hearing from you! We want to help resolve systemic issues having to do with federal tax related policies, practices and/or procedures. IMRS tracks and responds to significant national and local issues or concerns about IRS policies, practices and procedures. Our goal is to reduce taxpayer burden and in turn increase voluntary compliance. All CPAs are welcome to join the IRS Stakeholder Liaison Area 5’s Issue Management Resolution System (IMRS) “4th Thursday of the Month” call on Thursday, March 26 from 9:30 am - 10:00 am. To RSVP, email Jennifer.Henrie-Brown@irs.gov or call (510) 907-5117