Hosted by Dialogue on Diversity

Remedies for a Battered Society

Monday, June 29th, 2020
3:00pm - 4:30pm
(a Zoom Webinar)
Friends of the Dialogue are invited to join with its members and Directors for the second in its series of Webinars, designed to inform and to explore the response of a shaken country in the midst of an epidemic, one that has brought death to compatriots in the numbers of a medium-small city. And which has worked similar havoc on global society as well. This is the first similar affliction arising in the era of a revolutionized medical science and of unsurpassed technological sophistication in modes of treatment.
Introduction & Opening Remarks
Rep. Tony Cárdenas , U.S. House of Representatives
Ma. Cristina Caballero , President & CEO, Dialogue on Diversity
Social and Human Effects of the Virus - Recovery in the Offing
Debra Berlyn , Future of Privacy Forum, Consumer Policy Solutions
Building Blocks of Recovery - Impacts on the Older population, Consumers
Safe and Efficacious: The Search is On
Adrian Gropper, M.D.
The Invisible Crown-shaped Culprit. Virus: the Techniques for Sidetracking the Virus. The role of Antibodies in the Task. The XXI Century “Manhattan Project” Finding the Vaccine, Safe and Efficacious.
New Imperatives of the Economy of Decency
... and the Good Society
Nicol Turner-Lee, PhD , Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Recession, Compensation: Sufficiency and Universality
The Whiff of Social Justice in the Air. The New Breed of Economics
Discussion, Questions & Answers
4:25 - 4:30pm
Closing Remarks & Adjournment
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