Friday, 19 June 2020
9:00am – 10:30am GMT+8 (90 minutes)
During the last decade, cell therapy has revolutionized the way cancer treatment is delivered and changed the focus of patient care from delayed disease progression to complete remission. 

While Western scientists have been leading players in cell therapy research, Asia is increasingly playing a significant role in translating cell therapy-based regimens into solutions for patients, with China now leading the world in the number of ongoing investigative clinical trials. Japanese academic researchers are also working towards advancing this science, particularly around iPSC-derived allogenic approaches. 

At Johnson & Johnson, we are striving to bring the latest advances to patients with potentially transformative health outcomes by collaborating with innovators across the life science ecosystem, including academia and biotech.

Join us on the 19 June 2020 as we convene global and regional experts to provide an insightful overview of cell therapy in oncology including IPSC-based approaches.
Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Nilesh Wadhwa
Collaborative Innovation and Capturing Value for the Region
Dr. Dan Wang
Cell Therapy and iPSC Research in Japan: Past-Present-Future
Dr. Shinobu Suzuki
BIO Initiatives on Innovative Cell Therapies
Dr. Danielle Friend
Janssen’s Approach to Cell Therapy: Translating Solutions to Patients
Dr. Marco Gottardis
Janssen Oncology Strategy – Open Innovation
Dr. Stefan Hart
Forging Partnership through Flexible Deal Structures
Nilesh Wadhwa
Audience Q&A 
Dr. Keiko Tamai
Our Speakers
Shinobu Suzuki, Ph.D. 

Professor, Kyoto University, Medical Science and
Business Liaison Organization (KUMBL)
Marco Gottardis, Ph.D.

Vice President
Oncology Scientific Innovation
Janssen Research & Development, LLC
Danielle Friend, Ph.D.

Senior Director
Science and Regulatory Affairs
Biotechnology Innovation Organization
Dan Wang, MD, MPH, MBA

Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Asia Pacific
Stefan Hart, Ph.D.

Senior Director
Oncology Scientific Innovation
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Asia Pacific
Nilesh Wadhwa, MBA

New Ventures & Transactions
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Asia Pacific
Audience Q&A Moderator
Keiko Tamai, Ph.D.

Associate Director
New Ventures, Japan
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Asia Pacific 
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