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Dr. Robyn Conte, ND
Dr. Conte

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Tracey Sukduang, LMT
Tracey Sukduang, LMT

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Issue: # 6  December 2011

Welcome to Starry Brook's December e-newsletter.

Please be sure to check out our Holiday Hours below as well as our Last Minute Gift Discounts.  We are able to schedule *most* IV's with less than 24 hours notice if you feel unwell.  Remember, Dr. Conte prides herself on her 24-7 care - should you feel unwell, please page her with any medical emergencies, and you will be in good hands!


It's THAT time of year when colds & flu season hits.  Be sure you are managing stress, washing your hands, and taking Vitamin C and a good probiotic.  If you are taking echinacea everyday, remember that your body will be less sensitive to it's immune enhancing activities than if you were to take it only when ill.  Alternatively, we suggest people take immune boosting herbs like echinacea or elderberry Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off.     


HSA/Health Savings Account: be sure to use your account up prior to 12/31/11 to prevent loss of benefits.  We're happy to help you find ways through our office or at other offices to use up those benefits that you've saved for all year!


WALGREENS: will no longer be filling prescriptions for BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD as of 01/01/2012.  Please call or email our office PRIOR to the 1st to have your prescriptions transferred.  We highly recommend Target in Greenland as they have a coupon service for prescriptions, Walmart, Costco, or Rite Aid.  ALWAYS ask the pharmacist what the price of ANY precription might be without your insurance card - you'b suprised (and horrified) at how much you'll save on generic prescriptions without using your insurance card. 


It's been a tough economy in 2011, and we're starting to see things move in the right direction.  However, many people are experiencing financial difficulties, and robberies are on the rise.  We urge you to keep presents locked in a trunk rather than visibly in the backseat, be aware of your surroundings, and lock your home at night.  We'd also like to encourage you to drop a dollar off at Salvation Army or a local church/synagogue or offer time to deliever meals to the needy. If each one of us puts out just a little bit of our time and resources, our entire community will flourish.    


We wish you a safe, and happy holiday.  Please be sure to read on for our holiday hours.   



Dr. Robyn Conte, ND 

Holiday Hours
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
CLOSED: 12/22 - 12/26
OPEN (extended hours) 12/27 - 12/31 
Orders: 24-7 via email 
(we can drop-ship any item within 3 days, or have pick-up within 7 days.) 

**Please be aware when stopping by the office that Dr. Conte provides many home visits, and the office may appear closed.  Please be sure to call or email to ensure she'll be available.** 


Holiday Specials
The Gift of Relaxation & Relief through Massage Therapy

Relaxation Holiday Packages:
Buy Two 1 Hour Massage Therapy $110 (save $30)
Buy Three 1 Hour Massage Therapy $150 (save $60)
Buy the Ultimate Gift: 12 one hour sessions for $420 (50% off)
Buy the Supreme Stress Reliever: weekly acupuncture and massage treatments for 8 weeks for $687.50 (50% off, valued at $1375) Please allow 2 hours for this combo treatment.
Call Today as there are limited packages available!! 603.583.5181 

Terms: Coupon excludes laboratory, hormones, medicines and dietary supplements. Discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer nor is this offer valid on previous purchases. This promotional offer may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Void where prohibited or restricted. Void if sold, exchanged, copied or transferred.

Starry Brook Natural Medicine, LLC (Starry Brook) is a naturopathic family practice. Starry Brook was founded in 2010 as a primary care clinic with a mission to provide safe, sensible and effective medicine for the entire family.

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