October 17, 2018
More About Making Learning Visible
A message from Peggy Larson, Ed.D
District Administrator

A Growth Mindset

I recently shared 10 tips to make your children’s learning more visible. 

I took the tips from the work of Ron Ritchhart. Hopefully these tips will help make you feel more part of what your child(ren) is/are learning at school.

Each month, I intend to go just a bit deeper into each of the tips. This month we will focus on tip #2.

2. Develop a Growth Mindset.

A belief that intelligence and ability will grow and develop over time, as opposed to these being fixed, encourages greater risk-taking, collaboration, enjoyment of challenge, long-term development, and continuous achievement in all learning endeavors (Dweck, 2006).
You can help develop a growth mindset in your child by focusing your praise on process, learning, and effort.

Consider these type of growth mindset statements:
“You really worked hard on this and have learned a lot."
“You did a great job of developing a plan and following it through."
“You’ve really developed as a musician.”

As opposed to ability statements, such as:
“You’re so clever.”
“Look how smart you are."
“you did that so fast.”
“You’re good at math.”
“You’ve got a lot of talent.”

How do your children face challenges?
Another way to look at growth mindset is how your child takes on challenges at school. Does he persevere through their learning? Possibly this reflects more than him being motivated or resilient. The child's response could result from his mindset - a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a term that describes how a child faces challenges and setbacks. Kids with a growth mindset believe their abilities can improve. By comparison, kids with a fixed mindset think their abilities are a set trait that can’t change, no matter how hard they try.

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset
Picture a child who struggles with writing and has not met the learning targets. If she’s convinced that she’s “just bad at writing,” and no amount of work will change that, she’s showing a fixed mindset. It is likely that she will stop trying or will not even take “retakes” if offered. If she says she has trouble with writing, but tries to improve and responds to teacher advice/input, then she is showing a growth mindset.

Even how a child approaches challenges isn’t set in stone, according to Dweck. That’s one misconception about growth mindset—that either you have it or you don’t. In fact, we all have a mix of fixed and growth mindsets that change based on our experiences the feedback we receive.

A growth mindset is more than just accepting feedback and being open-minded. Kids with a growth mindset take feedback and what they learn from experience to create strategies for improving. They believe, even if they fail at something today, they still can learn and succeed tomorrow.
Hopefully, these tips will help make you feel more a part of what your child(ren) is/are learning at school.  

Staying in Touch with You!
Parent and guardians are always a child's first and best teacher. We know you care about your child's progress in school.

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The Succession of Winneconne presented by Northern Sky Theater
October 21, 2018, WCAC
Test Scores Rank Continue to Rank District
Among Best in the State

The hard work of our students and staff continues to pay off!

The Winneconne Community School District and school-level data continues to grow and rank us among the best in the state of Wisconsin.

We encourage you to go to the Public Wisedash site and check out our data. The link and directions are below.

What you might want to see:
To see Forward Exam data (Grades 3-8): Click on WSAS, and then Click on Forward. You will have options for how you want to view the data from there.

To see ACT data (Grade 11): Click on WSAS, ,and then Click on ACT.
Again, you will have options for how you want to view the data from there.
Annual Meeting:
October 22, 2018
The legislatively required Annual Meeting of the residents of the Winneconne Community School District will take place on October 22, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Winneconne Middle School, Large Group Meeting Room.

It is preceded by a Public Hearing. The meeting agenda will be posted to the website and shared with the local newspaper. All residents of the Winneconne Community School District are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Welcome Back Alumni
In the spirit of Homecoming, we are making an offer " too good to resist".

Well, maybe, maybe not, but the Class of 1963 sure enjoyed it!

Here is a link to a presentation prepared for the Class of 1963, who celebrated a 45th Class Reunion this last summer.

If you're planning a Winneconne High School class reunion and would like to incorporate a similar tour or presentation as part of your reunion plans, contact the district office. We'd be happy to help make your get together even more memorable for you and your former classmates.

We also would like to thank the group for their donation of $500 to our school district's endowment fund.
Winneconne Champions Support
Winneconne Community School District
Winneconne Community School District continues its Journey.

Did you know that a group of dedicated community members have established Winneconne Champions?

The first major project of the Winneconne Champions was to create a District-wide Endowment Fund held at WACF. The Endowment Fund is special because all donations to the fund contribute to the fund’s principal and are never spent.

Here is the press release from the Winneconne Community Foundation about this effort.

There are many ways to help support the School District. Please visit this webpage for information how you can contribute to Winneconne Community School District.
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