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Growth Management Department Development Services Announces Remote Inspection by Video Program  
Improvements and Expansion Plans

As of 2 weeks after the launch, we had 45 companies registered to participate and 110 submitters trained for the program. We added 2 more inspection codes, Shutter Final Electrical and Water Pipe Replacement, to the eligible list.
Our original goal, to quickly put a program in place across the county to abide by social distancing guidelines, led us down the path to starting the program with recorded videos. For those of you who live and work in the more densely populated areas of the county, you may not be aware of the cell phone and internet connectivity problems in our more rural areas. Inspectors and staff who deal with these coverage gaps every day chose the recorded video strategy as our first step to ensure we could provide this service to all our customers quickly.

What we have learned so far:
Following the video checklists, recording the video and scheduling inspections is working well. Moving the videos from the installer’s device to the office for review and then up to the county’s Box account has been more difficult because each business we work with has a unique set of circumstances and equipment. 
We have heard you loud and clear! The attached documents provide information on the different models you can follow to build a process that works for your company. We have included links to some of the applications available to help you move your videos from cell phones to office computers or the cloud and then on to the county’s Box application.
Our list is intended to show you what we found “googling” the internet. They are not specific requirements or software recommendations, just a jumping off point to show you the kind of tools you can use. At minimum, you will have to tailor your choices to suit the equipment and platforms you use for business now – Apple vs. Android phones, Microsoft vs. Apple computer operating systems and your IT network constraints.

Where we are heading with the program:
We are pleased to announce we will be adding live video inspections for selected inspection codes soon! We will be hammering out the scheduling details and process flow, making sure we have the communication apps we need and live testing the new process over the next few weeks. We will send out further communication when we are ready to launch.

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