Volume 30| April 12, 2020
Middle School News
Head of School and Interim Head of Middle School:

Dear Roycemore Middle School Students and Families,

As shared in my email to you a couple of days ago, as we head "back" from spring break we are launching "Remote Learning 2.0" for Middle School students.

Here is a LINK to the Middle School Remote Learning Schedule Page with Class Links:

Tomorrow morning (Monday April 13) at 9:30am there will be MANDATORY Homeroom meetings where homeroom teachers will further explain the new schedule and expectations of students. The links for Homeroom meetings are in the schedule . Parents are welcome to join these meetings tomorrow as well just so everyone is one the same page.

NEW SYNCHRONOUS SCHEDULE As a result of feedback from the remote learning surveys, conversations with other schools around the country, and what we have learned in best practices for remote learning, the new schedule will provide for synchronous 25 MINUTE class meetings twice a week for all core classes, plus office hours available with all teachers.   In addition, teachers will continue to post their videos or other materials in RenWeb (and Google Classroom) as appropriate. 

When students are not engaging in synchronous classes, they will be expected to review RenWeb (and Google Classroom as appropriate) to view the videos and other assignments and directions from their teachers and do work JUST LIKE THEY DID PRIOR TO SPRING BREAK. The idea for the 25 minute synchronous schedule for all classes is to ensure regular "face to face" contact with teachers, go over more difficult concepts together, and to build community.

Academic classes will be held either on M/W or T/F, with Thursdays being dedicated to wholly asynchronous work plus Advisory, PE/Wellness, and 5th grade Art.

ATTENDANCE : Middle School students will STILL NEED to enter their attendance each day as they did before spring break. In addition, teachers will be taking attendance for the synchronous classes, so students are expected to "show up."

Virtual Classroom Etiquette and the Seven Habits -T he guidelines below outline our expectations for student etiquette for their online classes:
1. Set up your chrome book and all the materials that you need for class in a quiet area in your home before the virtual meeting starts. Stay in this one place during the meeting. (Be Proactive)
2. Materials include pencil or pen, paper, books for that class. (Put First Things First, and Begin with the End in Mind)
3. Please have the camera turned so the teacher can see you. (Synergize)
4. You’ll be muted unless it’s your time to talk. Remember to “raise your hand” and wait for the teacher to unmute you. (Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood)
5. Just as we do when we are in a classroom together, listen and be respectful of each other. (Think Win-Win)
6. Patience: There will be glitches with the technology. If your screen freezes, send your teacher a “chat” to explain that you need the last point repeated. Also, remember we are all learning how to teach and learn remotely, so be patient as your teachers are learning this technology. (Synergize)
Remote Learning Grading Guidelines &
New Grading Option for 4th Quarter

Overarching Philosophy During Remote Learning: 
  • Because the grades students earn are used for many high-stakes decisions - course placement, school admissions, and more - the guiding principle of teaching, assessment, and grading at Roycemore during remote learning is to do no harm. In this way, we act in the best interest of our students and their families during this time of unprecedented stress and anxiety. 
  • Students should have the opportunity to have their grade reflect their achievement if they are demonstrating success with remote learning. Students can improve grades as they demonstrate proficiency/mastery/attainment of prior and future skills and competencies. 
  • The goal is for students to make learning gains and to acquire key SKILLS and COMPETENCIES.

New Pass/Incomplete Grading Option for Students for 4th Quarter:
  • Grades for the fourth quarter will be reported on our regular A-F scale, or on a pass/incomplete basis (P/INC). Rather than issue an “F,” however, issue a grade of INC. 
  • If a student experiences hardship due to COVID-19, he/she will have the opportunity to request P/INC for all their classes. Such a request must be made in writing to include approval from both student and parent. A student may not choose the P/INC option for only one or a few classes; it must be all of them. To compute P/Inc, teachers will maintain regular grades in FACTS and the grades will be converted to P/INC at the end of the quarter. Students must request P/INC no later than May 22, 2020.

How is Roycemore Able to Differentiate
for Children During Remote Learning?
One of the aspects of the Roycemore experience that we work hard to deliver on is to differentiate our program to support the individual needs of students. While differentiation looks different in remote learning, it continues. We ask that families stay in communication with us so that we can appropriately support your children.

Our Gifted Coordinator, Judy Wahl, and our Learning Support Specialist Wendy Griffin are available to work with teachers to differentiate for students. If your child is in need of such support, please communicate with your child's advisor or interim Middle School Head, Adrianne Finley Odell so we can develop strategies to support your child.

And if your child is just seeking something "different" to do, below are some opportunities that might interested them:

Google Classroom - For Parents
If you are interested...parents can get insight into what their students are doing in Google Classroom by asking the classroom teacher to sign them up for parent alerts. The teacher just needs to go to the "People" area and click 'invite guardians'. This sends parents a daily summary of GC work.
The Week in Review...

 Roycemore Middle School Trivia Contest- Kahoot!
Shout out to 7th grader Kees and his family who won our Roycemore Middle School Trivia Contest! Special thanks to Ms. Milner and all the Teachers who hosted this event over Spring Break and brought everyone together for a little extra Roycemore fun!
Board and Video Game Club Continues on Mondays!
Over Spring Break the Board and Video Game Club continued to meet. They enjoyed a fun trivia contest and a t-shirt design competition!
Roycemore Remote Learning in the News!

If you have not seen it already, check out the article:  Remote Learning article    that appeared in Evanston Patch starring our very own Cara Marantz ('20) who was recently accepted and plans to attend Dartmouth College, and STEM teacher Dr. Dudek!

We are thankful for the great partnership between our teachers, students and parents that has allowed a great launch to remote learning. AND, we ALL hope we are back together in person soon!
Don't Forget to Submit to the Roycemore Literary Magazine!
A message from Ela Chintagunta(11th grade), Literary Magazine Editor to the Roycemore Community: 

Hi!! Hope that everyone is doing well. The literary magazine is keeping submissions open until May 1st to allow for more time to create beautiful works of writing and art. (Maybe something to think about over spring break?) 

Remember, this is an all-school project, so any type of art, comics, short pieces of writing, poetry, etc. from anybody in the school is welcomed. I hope that everyone submits work so Roycemore can show how creative students are. This would be a perfect time to work on pieces to submit while we are at home.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to submit at  elac@roycemoreschool.org  or  litmag@roycemoreschool.org .

Thanks!! From Literary Magazine Staff
Students-- We need your Videos!
Videos for Scholarship Fundraiser
Students!! We need your support!!! Please make a flipgrid video about your favorite teacher that can be used for the auction!  https://flipgrid.com/scholarshiproycemore
Important Links

Website for Remote Learning:

Middle School Remote Learning Schedule Page with Class Links:

Coronavirus Response Page: https://roycemoreschool.org/coronavirus/

"Roycemore Family" Page
Our new Chief Griffinity Officer, Early Childhood staff member  Justin Bailey , launched a new webpage! This is another way for students and families to stay connected and continue to share our school spirit. Share your shelter in place experiences with us:  https://roycemoreschool.org/family/

Important Dates

  • April 13- School resumes- in Remote Learning mode
  • MONDAY April 13 9:30am. HOMEROOM MEETING:
ALL STUDENTS to log into a link (included in the schedule link above) to participate in their GRADE LEVEL HOMEROOM meeting. It is important for students to "show up" for this meeting so their homeroom teachers can go over the changes to the schedules for them and answer any questions they might have. PARENTS, WE ASK FOR YOU HELP TO ENSURE YOUR CHILDREN PARTICIPATE IN THIS FIRST MEETING ON MONDAY. Parents are also welcome to join in if helpful to understand the schedule..
  • Monday April 13- Board and Video Game Club continues! 3:30pm


Scholarship Fundraiser: A Live Stream Experience
Auction items will be live starting next week. Volunteers are still needed, especially those with live streaming experience. Please email  Sara McGuire  if you would like to join the fun!
Middle School Community Guidelines
We will create a community in Roycemore’s middle school based on RESPECT. We will respect ourselves, our space, and our peers. In doing so, we will assume the best intentions of others and create a space where we are welcomed, feel we belong, and are known!
(created by representatives from each grade 2019-20)