Remote Learning Insights Series
Summer is here. For most of you that generally means a week or two to recharge and then you’re off to plan for the coming year. Normally that planning follows a typical path. This year, of course, everything is different.

Widespread and prolonged school closures in March prompted a lot of discussions around remote learning. While these generated considerable good information flow, they also triggered a lot of noise to sift through. We’ve listened to stories from across the country and three common threads seem to bubble to the surface.

Over the next 3 weeks this series will take a closer look at each one of these threads and share key take-aways in:  Technology (July 21); Student Engagement (July 28); and Family & Teacher Support (August 4).

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Peg Zokowski, CEO 
Yes, there remains a lot of uncertainty around the 2020-2021 school year. And the search for good content and lesson materials that can shift easily between classroom and remote learning is challenging. Below is a list of available CreositySpace resources you might find helpful.
  • Open access portal available to teachers, parents, and students through the end of the 2020.
  • Available starting August 1 -- Homeschool-sized versions of all curriculum units to accommodate groups of 2 or 5 students. Select which option when making purchase in the online store. 
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