Dear Owl Families,

WOW! We've already had 117 surveys submitted, all with GREAT information and feedback. Thank YOU! Your insight is invaluable at this point. We need it to grow as a community and to make this challenge the best it can be. Once the survey closes on Sunday, the data will be collected, we'll share it with teachers and staff next week for discussion and an overview of the survey will be communicated to all (with any identifiable information redacted to keep it anonymous). It's the little things that make the most impact, so thank you for your time in validating, cheering on the staff, and offering insightful feedback so that we can meet you were you are right now. When I think about all of the things we have and the community that we are a part of, I get overwhelmed with emotion. I know that not everyone has what we have.
Thank you for being a vested member of Aspen Ridge. Your insight counts!--cs

Original Survey Message:
As we round out the 2nd week of remote learning, we would like to get a feel for how things are going and how we can adapt to improve. Click HERE to get to our Remote Learning Survey. Spend a few minutes giving us some insight into how learning is going at home and to add value and ideas for ways we can adapt for all.
Thank you for being a part of our community and learning and growing alongside us, so that we can get through this challenging time together. We are looking forward to gleaning ideas from you and appreciate your participation in completion of the survey by Sunday, April 12.
Be Well-cs