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Topics In This Issue
  • Why you Should Choose a Beneficiary
  • The MDM Mobile App
  • Human Resources: Remote Work Considerations
  • Grand & Toy: TruSens Smart Air Purifiers, Back To Business Safety Solutions
  • Medline Medical Mart Rapid Covid Tests
Employee Group Benefits
Why you Should Choose a Beneficiary
Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
Most employee group benefit plans include Life insurance coverage. The coverage is normally in place as long as there is an active plan and the employee is eligible and enrolled. When a plan includes Life Insurance, it is critical that each employee chooses someone to receive the benefit after their death. They can designate anyone they wish – family members, friends or a favourite charity. They can have one beneficiary, or a number of them.

Learn more about:

  • Why you should choose a beneficiary
  • What if the beneficiary is under 18
  • When to name a contingent beneficiary
MDM Mobile App
The MDM Mobile App
Easy and straight forward
MDM Insurance Services is a sister company to ASSOCIUM. They provide claims adjudication services for most of our plans. The MDM Mobile App is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What sets MDM’s mobile app from others is its ease of function. With only 6 options to choose from, members can select what they need with minimal steps making this app one of the more user-friendly of its kind. The term “less is more” is true to form as users can seamlessly connect and search for relevant content.

  1. Submit a Claim
  2. View Claims History
  3. View Coverages
  4. Access MDM Benefit and Travel Card
  5. View Health Spending Account Balance (if available)
  6. Contact Us Information
Human Resources Consulting
Remote Work Policy
Some Things to Consider When Employees are Working Remotely

Covid-19 changed the way many organizations do business. Many employers have shifted to a full or partial remote-work arrangement. Remote work presents many challenges for both employers and employees. Lack of face-to-face supervision, keeping employees engaged and motivated and managing the work environment are just some of the challenges faced by employers and employees.

  1. Availability
  2. Physical Environment
  3. Security
  4. Client Confidentiality
  5. Health and Safety
Procurement and Shared Services
Back To Business Safety Solutions
Keep your workplace protected
Save up to 70% on select PPE Essentials

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Masks 
Grand & Toy: TruSens Air Purifiers
With 360-Degree Dupont HEPA Filter
With advanced air purifier technology, simple controls, and Dupont™ filtration, TruSens improves air quality. The streamlined design and size options make TruSens an ideal addition to any home or work environment.

Choosing The Right TruSens Air Purifier

  • Z1000 (small) 250 sq. ft.
  • Z2000 (medium) 375 sq. ft.
  • Z3000 (large) 750 sq. ft.
  • Z2500 (medium) 375 sq. ft. with smart app*
  • Z3500 (large) 750 sq. ft. with smart app*

*NEW - The TruSens Smart App gives you real time notifications and detailed air quality metrics.
Medline Medical Mart SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test
Testing ready to go when you need to know
Getting fast answers is just a few steps away.
Performing the Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test is intuitive and can be implemented in existing processes without the need of additional resources. The test kit can be stored at room temperature. Taking the sample is identical to common nasopharyngeal swab tests and only four simple steps are required to get the result within 15 minutes.
  • High test quality/performance
  • No analyzer needed
  • Fast/direct result while patient is waiting
  • Easy workflow
  • 25 per kit $289.00 = $11.56 each
Rapid Antigen Tests - Ordering numbers at Medline Medical Mart
Item No. Description UOM Price
711-9327592190 SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test 25/kit $289.00
711-9338322190 SARS-CoV-2 Control Test 10/box $129.99
ASSOCIUM Divisions
Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.
We're unique in the marketplace providing innovative and customized Advisor services: Managing General Agent, Third Party Administrator, Claims Adjudication, Specialty Drug Management / Preferred Pharmacy Network and Human Resources Consulting.
Since 1984, ASSOCIUM Consultants provides specialized human resource services, organizational development and expertise across a broad range of services.
Save money in all areas of your operational spend. Engage in shared services and group purchasing for your people, technology and product solutions. As a national affinity program, ASSOCIUM GAIN has huge buying power, which translates into significant discounts for our members. Membership fees are set annually according to the size of your organization and operating budget.
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