Going Remote: What Makes it Work?
The global pandemic in 2020 upended the workplace as we knew it, forcing employers and their employees to redefine the way they work, meet, and serve. Now, with vaccine distribution beginning and relative normalcy on the horizon, we're seeing many organizations struggle with a choice: return to in-person work, or continue to serve their missions remotely?

We talked to executives at two organizations who chose the second option. They're featured in this issue, along with more resources to help you navigate whatever transition lies ahead.
Executive Spotlight: Dr. Michael McRee and Danielle Shockey
Dr. Michael McRee
Danielle Shockey
This month, we’re featuring two noteworthy executives whose organizations have gone permanently remote in 2021. We've used their advice in our latest article, which is linked below. Get a quick background on Shockey and Dr. McRee here.
Heather Rolinski, VP Nonprofit Effectiveness, and Heather Hunter, Marketing Intern | Talbott Talent
While some organizations are planning to return to a physical office, others have taken the opportunity to switch to a permanently remote workforce. If you’re thinking about a fully remote future for your organization, consider this advice from two executives who have already made the switch.  

You’ve made it through the chaos of abruptly switching to a remote workforce, and perhaps you’ve decided to transition to a hybrid workplace model. Now it’s time to evaluate whether your policies accommodate all workers, be they in-office or remote.

Bite-Sized Bits of What's Rocking Our World Right Now
All our talk about remote work reminds me of this book: Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It: The Results-Only Revolution, by Cali Ressler and Jodi Thompson. We’ve always had a remote work environment, and there are a few concepts inspired by this book which have influenced how I lead the Talbott team.

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Leah York, CAE and President of Talbott Talent, is also a board member at the O'Connor House. The O'Connor House is a ministry dedicated to providing a Christian home that houses and helps single, pregnant, homeless women and their children. They're preparing for their Celebration of Life event, which will take place virtually on Friday, March 5, at 7pm.

Talbott Talent Service Spotlight: Organizational Assessment
One of our favorite sayings is, “if you’re inside the frame, you can’t see the picture.” When navigating an internal transition, an outside perspective can help you ”see” the whole organization and implement the right changes. Talbott Talent’s organizational assessments provide objective, third-party insight into your organization, and we draw on our decades of nonprofit experience in developing customized solutions to improve your organization’s effectiveness.
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