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Things won't be the same again. Stay at home, remote working policies are the inflexion point after which remote delivery of training and development for organisational performance will be the norm, and face to face the exception. Not only does it help us stay safe right now, but it's better for the planet, fits in better with busy working practices and is ideal for geographically dispersed organisations. Technology is a great enabler, when combined with the right content and culture.
For 10 years, LeaderShape has been researching, refining and implementing its own business strategy as a virtual organisation. We have harnessed this expertise to serve our clients, developing individuals and teams across 5 continents using remote delivery and our ALIVEĀ® processes (Accelerated Learning in a Virtual Environment). 
These processes enable your organisation to work smarter with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, we can deliver development to your organisation in this way. We can even help you develop similar practices for your own organisation.
This Alert highlights how we work with some examples of the results and opportunities that can arise from remote delivery and a virtual culture.
Stay safe!

Earlier this year, LeaderShape announced Dr. Mayrose Kavura Majinge as the inaugural winner of the annual Transpersonal Leadership award and in her honour, we have named it the Mayrose Medal which each year's winner will receive. We are delighted that she has since been interviewed by Tanzania's Global TV and Guardian newspaper about the award.
Richard Ndunguru from the College of Humanity, University of Dar es Salaam, commented that the medal was not just a great honour to Dr Majinge's family but also to the nation. He added that Dr  Kavura  Majinge has enabled the country to be internationally recognised. We are very proud that LeaderShape's Transpersonal Leadership programme (delivered remotely) is part of Dr Mayrose Majinge's journey.

As LeaderShape expands globally , we are pleased to announce our new partnership in Japan with The Japan Foundation of Entrepreneurship (JFE), for the delivery of Transpersonal Leadership Programmes.  Naoki Shimizu and Michiko  Sakamoto  have trained over 100 facilitators and coaches, and provided coaching programmes to more than 500 entrepreneurs and business owners. They are passionate about Transpersonal Leadership and want to enrich peoples lives and businesses through providing world class coaching programmes. We are looking forward to working together!

'Transpersonal Leadership is exactly what we were looking for to take organisational leaders to the next level'.  Naoki Shimizu
We now have have partners in Italy, Germany, Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa,  East Africa  and East Coast USA; but there is much of the world left and we would love to hear from people and organisations in all markets who would like to partner with us.

LeaderShape's Managing Partner in South Africa appointed as AECC Board Member

A big congratulations to Mokadi Mathye, our South African Managing Partner, who in January was appointed as a Board Member of AECC (Africa Executive Coaching Council). AECC is an aggregator and advocate for executive coaching across Africa based in Zambia and its purpose is captured as follows: "AECC seeks to create an executive coaching eco-system in Africa that promotes best practice and relevant support to stakeholders for positive transformation."

We look forward to the part that Mokadi will play in this important  African coaching body.

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