Inovonics has what you need to remotely monitor your radio station

Advanced Remote Monitoring
Inovonics´ SiteStreamers allow radio broadcasters to monitor RF transmissions remotely from their home office with any web-enabled device: SmartPhone, PC, Tablet. 
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Remote Broadcast Monitoring with SiteStreamers
The INOmini SiteStreamer is a Web-enabled receiver that allows broadcasters to remotely monitor their stations´ off-air signal from any web-enabled device.   
Installed at a broadcast transmitter or translator site, or any remote location with an Internet connection, the INOmini SiteStreamer streams audio from single or multiple (sequenced) off-air sources to any Web enabled device.
A browser-accessed Web Interface enables tuning and channel switching. The StationRotation feature permits monitoring of station presets by  ´round robin´ sequencing of up to 30 stations - each with its specific alarm parameters. Alarms are sent via email or SMS text. 
Also included, a BandScanner for spectrum plot of RF band, and AUX input to monitor hardwire audio program feeds.  
SiteStreamer Models Available: 

CONNECT REMOTELY TO SITESTREAMERS To view the SiteStreamer  web interface in action, simply follow this link to our On-Line Demo Center:   Click Here
SOFIA SiteStreamer+™ Series for
Advanced Remote Monitoring
The SOFIA SiteStreamer+™ series adds more power and functionality  
Inovonics presents a new family of SiteStreamers called the SOFIA SiteStreamer+™. It is like a super SiteStreamer with more horsepower and features. The compact SOFIA is ½-rack width rather than 1/3 rack width like the INOmini´s. The SOFIA has adjustable L/R Analog and AES3-Digital audio outputs, as well as Dante/AES67 AoIP. It allows up to 10 people to listen remotely to the audio stream simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Web Interface enables remote tuning, streamed audio, channel switching and alarms. Real-time graphics of signal parameters are displayed and logged.
  • Balanced Analog and AES-digital program line outputs are
    available simultaneously; levels are independently adjustable.
  • AoIP - Dante/AES67 compatible.
  • Web audio stream that allows up to 10 people to listen remotely simultaneously.
  • Firmware is upgradeable remotely via web. Firmware updates are free.
  • Easy set-up & operation. SNMP fully supported.
SOFIA SiteStreamer+ Models Available: 

CONNECT REMOTELY TO THE SOFIA SiteStreamer+™:  To view the unique web interface in action. Look for the SOFIA SiteStreamer+™ models in our On-Line Demo Center:
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