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Council & Board Remuneration Guide
UBCM has developed a best practice guide to assist local governments  in the development of fair and equitable remuneration polices for elected officials. This resource responds to a resolution (B148) endorsed at the 2018 UBCM convention.  In recognition of local government autonomy and the need for approaches that reflect local needs and circumstances, the guide offers practical advice based on research findings and the experiences of municipalities and regional districts around the province. 
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New Policy to Support Treaty Negotiations
The Federal Government, Province and First Nations Summit have endorsed a policy on Recognition and Reconciliation of Rights for Treaty Negotiations in British Columbia. This B.C. specific policy bases negotiations on the recognition and continuation of rights without rights being modified, surrendered or extinguished upon signing of a treaty.
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RCMP Contract Management Committee Update
The Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) meets regularly with provincial and RCMP representatives to discuss issues related to the RCMP contract and policing in British Columbia. The following summary highlights key issues discussed at its most recent meeting.
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Funding & Resources Update
Each month we provide an update on UBCM funding programs and information on other programs, events and resources that may be of interest to local governments and First Nations.  Read more 
UBCM Benefits Conference
The registration deadline is approaching fast for the 2019 UBCM Benefits Conference October 24-25 in New Westminster. Held only once every three years, this conference offers the opportunity to meet with your counterparts from other local governments and explore best practices in the management of benefits plans.  Read more
Proposed Changes to Contaminated Sites Regulation
The Province is proposing amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation that align with Bill 17, Environmental Management Amendment Act. Bill 17 was introduced and received royal assent in May 2019 and addressed changes to the provisions for site identification in the Environmental Management Act.   Read more
Railway Accidents Involving Crude Oil
Representatives from the federal Fund for Railway Accidents Involving Designated Goods will be attending the 2019 UBCM Convention, and are seeking to provide information about the Fund to communities located near a railway.    Read more
September 11, 2019

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