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Virtual Sunday worship
October 18th at 10:30 a.m.
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October 15, 2020 

Nobody actually likes the IRS, but most of the people I know pay their taxes when they're due and think little of it. Many of them also offer financial support to charitable organizations and to their places of worship. We know that part of our money belongs to the government...like it or not...and we know that we should share our financial good fortune with those who have less than we do. But when Jesus says, "Render under God what belongs to God," what does he mean? Is he just asking us to share our money with God and God's representatives or is he asking for more? In all likelihood, if we think about it, everything we have and everything we are belongs to God. "The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof." [Psalm 50:12]  Everything...and all of each of us...belongs to God. That covers our thoughts, our impulses, our words, our actions, our skills, our creativity, our passion, our dreams, our relationships, our joy, our love, our energy and even our warts. ALL of it belongs to God. So when we think about rendering unto God that which belongs to God, we need to be prepared to offer up all of ourselves...not just 10%...because all that we are and all that we have belong to God. The faces of former presidents are imprinted on the money we use to pay our taxes, but the face of God is imprinted on each one of use. Render unto God that which belongs to God. 
                                                              The Rev. Liz Tomlinson
The Pharisees and the Herodians lay a trap
 Jesus deftly sidesteps it

Jesus and his disciples are in Jerusalem for Passover. Jesus has made a triumphant entry into the city on a donkey. And he has overturned the tables of the moneychangers doing business in the Temple. The powers that be have questioned his authority. The Pharisees are trying to figure out how to maneuver Jesus into incriminating himself with his own words, so they ask him a trick question; "Is it lawful to pay taxes to Rome?" It's a trap designed either to get Jesus to utter treason against the Roman political authority by saying "no" to taxes or lose the adoration and trust of the hundreds of followers hanging on his every word by telling them they must pay taxes thus supporting the occupying and oppressive powers from Rome. Like every other verbal trap set for Jesus, he deftly sidesteps this one as well and tells them to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render unto God what belongs to God...which is everything...including ourselves. Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30am on Facebook for the service of Antecommunion and explore with us what it means to be willing and able to hear God when God speaks and courageous enough to respond accordingly. CLICK HERE 
No Gathering indoors this Sunday!!
Change in Worship service schedule

We had our first indoor service since the Easter Vigil on Sunday, September 20 and again on September 28 and once again on October 4. Everything went smoothly as we celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the first few times in over six months. While it was both a joy and a thrill to be with other parishioners for worship and to be in our sanctuary together, there were not as many worshipers there as we had anticipated. The joy in worshiping together is in being present with others in our church family. Since we would like as many people as possible to be able to be with us when we gather in person, we have changed our indoor worship service schedule of Holy Eucharist to the first Sunday of the month only. On all Sundays our Virtual Worship service will be posted on our Facebook page as usual at 10:30am and can be viewed then or at anytime later in the day for those who are unable or are not ready to worship in the sanctuary in person.  Our next in-person gathering for Holy Eucharist will be on Sunday, November 1 which is also All Saints Day. It will be a very special service indeed. We will be all together again and we are looking forward to seeing all those smiling eyes as we gather together for worship. That Sunday marks the end of Day Light Savings time, so set those clocks back an hour on Saturday night, grab an extra hour of sleep and still get to church on time!  We will continue to gather for ZOOM Coffee Hour every Sunday at 12:00noon. We can't wait to see you...one way or another...or both!!!  
Bible Study
Begins on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00pm

We will be studying the Gospel of Luke as we move into the fall. This six-week study will be lay led by Vestry member, Dave Wright and will be completed on November 25. We will hold the study on ZOOM, so you can pull up a chair wherever you are. If you'd like to sign up, please contact Dave by e-mail at dfwinva@gmail.com. He will give you information about the first session and will also give you the ZOOM invitation you will need to join the study. We're looking forward to seeing you!
Virtual Church
The Season of COVID-19 
We are currently using ZOOM to conduct our worship service each week. The service is Antecommunion and is recorded from the Rectory and the sacred spaces and homes of the Virtual Church Ministry team of Caroline Kruger, Dave Wright, Markeeta Belmar, Tam Mehuron, Michael Dunn, Sarah Dunn, and Abraham and June Jallah with the beautiful music provided by our Music Director, Anna Ko.  You can view the pre-recorded worship service on Facebook on Sunday morning at 10:30am. You can participate in all the liturgy, congregational responses and hymns right from your own home. It will enable us to 'be together' for worship and to enjoy Anna's music. We will be able to see and hear multiple people read, but we will not be able to hear a congregation responding during the course of the service. It will be different, but while our building will be closed, we are still the church and are still open to others. You will be able to access our Sunday morning service on Facebook if you CLICK HERE at 10:30am or later in the day if you wish. 
Virtual Coffee Hour
Face-to-Face...almost...at 12:00pm

One of the things we miss most about not being able to gather together on Sunday morning for worship is the fellowship that we enjoy afterwards over a hot cup of coffee. We can still have the coffee...and we can still 'see' each other. It will just be 2-dimensional on ZOOM. Grab your coffee after our worship service and climb into a comfy chair in your own living room.  We had a great turnout last week and hope for more folks to 'show up' this coming week. Just send your RSVP to Linda at green@stpaulsbxr.org to reserve your spot!  'See' you there!!  If you need some help with ZOOM just let Linda know when you RSVP. One of us will be happy to walk you through it. If you worship with us regularly, you will receive a ZOOM invitation and link through Constant Contact on Saturday afternoon. 
Personal Note Ministry
Staying in touch the old fashion way

Handwritten notes and cards are fast becoming a lost art. Telephone calls are good and e-mail is great, but nothing takes the place of a handwritten note from one friend to another. So many people relish and treasure them. Now that the pandemic has slowed our lives down a bit, we have time to resurrect this kind of communication. It's warm. It's personal. It's not intrusive. And it can be read and re-read as many times as the recipient wants. And it carries the distinct penmanship of the person who wrote it. Sometimes people would prefer a card rather than a phone call. If you have the time and the willingness to begin writing notes to your fellow parishioners to let them know that they are loved and that you miss them, please e-mail Rev. Liz at tomlinson@stpaulsbxr.org...or send her a handwritten note! If you need a directory, we'll get one to you!
The Joy of Reading
Check out the bookcase outside the Rector's office and help yourself to anything that looks interesting. It's said "a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads only lives one." Some new selections have shown up recently! Check them out!  When we get to return to our church building, check out the new books 
that have come in...or bring some donations yourself!
The food pantry
Fall is here!!     

St. Paul's continues to be both faithful and generous in supporting the ACCA Food Pantry. Most recently we participated in the Stuff the Bus campaign!! Your generosity is inspiring. If you have food to donate, please contact our Parish Administrator, Linda Green by e-mail at green@stpaulsbxr.org to make arrangements with her to drop off your donation. She is at the church several times a week to pick up the mail and keep the office running. She will be glad to arrange a time to let you in the building with your donation. Please continue to bring nonperishable foodstuffs for ACCA and place them in the wicker basket at the rear of the Sanctuary. We do need a volunteer to deliver our donations to the ACCA Food Pantry where they will be shared with those in need. In the middle of this pandemic when many people are without incomes, the need for food is even greater. Please contribute all that you can!  
Homeless Shelter
Volunteer Opportunities
The next meeting of the Advisory Committee will be on Wednesday, November 4 and it will be conducted on ZOOM. Please let Rev. Liz know if you are interested in shelter operations or volunteer opportunities and she will give you information about how to access this meeting. In the meantime, if you would like to make donations to the shelter, New Hope Housing has provided a Wish List (on Amazon) for the homeless who are moving into housing of their own which is SUCCESS! To access that list, please CLICK HERE. New Hope Housing manages a number of shelters around the county, so be sure to specify to New Hope that you want your donation to go to the Bailey's Crossroads Shelter. You can reach New Hope Housing at the Bailey's Shelter by calling 703-820-7621. You are helping to ease the way for our neighbors to get back on their feet! What an act of love!!