Two days to Rene Izquierdo concert
May 8 at 7 pm
Next Open Mic on Tuesday May 11
Rene Izquierdo Concert

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If you haven't yet signed up for this Saturday's live-streamed concert, now is the time to do so. The acclaimed Cuban-born guitarist Rene Izquierdo will be playing live from the stage of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We will be streaming it directly to you via the Groupmuse service this Saturday, May 8, at 7pm (PDT). Our online concert format includes audience engagement with the artist before and after the concert moderated by Professor Steve Lin of San Jose State University. The price is a $3 connection fee with Groupmuse ahead of the concert and a donation at the time of the concert. You can sign up on the following link to Groupmuse: Izquierdo Concert

The South Bay Guitar Society team

Here is a list of pieces Rene Izquierdo plans to perform:
Sonata K. (1 and 14)                       D. Scarlatti (1685-1757) 

Rondeña                                          R. Sainz de la Maza (1930-1981)

En los Trigales                                  J. Rodrigo (1901-1999)
Madroños                                         F. Moreno-Torroba (1891-1982)
Danza del Molinero                          M. De Falla (1876-1946)
Guajira a Mi Madre                           Atonio Rojas (1921-2008)

Perla Marina arr. Guerra               S. Garay (1867-1968)

La Comparsa arr. Barrueco           . Lecuona (1895-1963)
Son del Barrio                                    E. Martin

Open Mic Online Tuesday, May 11
Click here to sign up to play at our next open mic on May 11 with host Melody Kingman.
All attendees, players and audience can join the open mic at 7 pm (PDT) by clicking on the Zoom link on our website open mic page: Open mic webpage

Free guitar technique classes
Don't forget our free online guitar technique classes with teachers Steve Lin and Scott Perry. Steve's sessions are every other week on Monday, and Scott's are weekly on Wednesdays. Have your guitar handy to follow the exercises. For details and links to the sessions, see the following pages:  

"Prelude One" by Scott Perry
Incidentally, we have posted an original composition by Bay Area guitarist / composer Scott Perry on our website, a lovely prelude. Here is what Scott says about it:
"Of all my guitar works, Prelude One was the first piece that I wrote on a recently acquired 2014 Robert Garcia guitar. The guitar's response in my hands quickly found its own voice so I decided to compose a piece that showcases the strengths of the guitar and to let them guide the construction of the piece. However, I wanted to make it a true prelude that follows what we have come to expect of a music prelude."
Go to our website and click on the video at the lower right of our home page.
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Schedule for the 2021-2022 Concert Season

The vaccination process gives us hope of staging our next season of internationally acclaimed main-stage performers in its entirety live in theater. Season tickets should be available for purchase by mid-summer. Here is a list of the performers and concert dates for next season:
Oct. 9, 2021.  Gaëlle Solal

Nov. 20, 2021. Jerome Mouffe

Feb. 5, 2022. Johan Smith (GFA winner)

Mar. 12, 2022. David Russell & GuitarFest

Apr. 2, 2022. Aaron Larget-Caplan

May 14, 2022. Thu Le