Rene Vega's 1968 Dodge Dart

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Customer Spotlight: Rene Vega's 1968 Dodge Dart Resto Mod with Reflective Red Rimstripes

On January 16, 2018 Rene Vega ordered 1 /8" Reflective Red (#6017-1/8-Std Rim).  He already had the Stripe-It-All Tool (#8000), having ordered it  back in February 2017.

7/9/18  Rene sent some pics of his installation:
7/9/18  Rob Masecar replied:
Thanks for the pics!  Great size.   Send us a cool bio on the car and all that's been done to it.
7/18/18 Rene wrote back:

" Hey Rob, she is a 1968 Dodge Dart 270. The 68 Chrysler vehicles only came with round  side markers, first year for mandatory side markers and the only year for the round ones on Chrysler vehicles that's why I install the Super Stock hood, because they only made the SS A body darts along with the the barracudas in 68, but you probably already knew that. The 340 that's in it now is stroked to a 416 pushing about 525 horsepower and 500 foot pounds of torque, and yes she is fast and does some ridiculous burnouts. The original color of the car was a medium green not sure if this darker shade of green is a Chrysler color, but it is a few shades darker. The original owner had it painted back in 1996. I purchased the car as a gift to myself for Father's Day in 2010 just happened to be driving to pick up breakfast took a wrong turn and ran into it, and I fell in love immediately it was all original with its original hubcaps. I do have the blueprints to cut out the rear quarters to fit bigger tires like the super stock cars but not sure if I really want to do that yet maybe someday I'll get around to doing it, just afraid that I would ruin the car although on photos and in person those super stocks darts look beautiful with the big meats. Purchased in 2010 from original owners wife with 62000 original miles and original 273 V8 with AC power steering manual brakes drums all the way around. I've always wanted a super stock dart, but had to settle for a look-a-like. Now sports a 340 stroker, small block 727, and a shortened 1969 Roadrunner 8 and 3/4 rear with 323. Installed Wilwood front disc brakes with 11 inch  b-body drums in rear with 1969 Mopar replica police wheels 15x8 rear 15x7 front."  

Thank you for the interest in my car would love to see the write-up on the newsletter. Please keep me informed let me know when it comes out so I can show my family and friends."
7/20/18 Rob replied:
Don't forget to get us some nighttime flash pics that shows off the reflective red. Be sure to stand back 20-30-40 feet and make sure the camera is stable so the pic is sharp and not blurry.
8/1/18 Rene sent some night shots:  
Thank you Rene!!  That's one Clean Mean Green Machine!

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